Gig reports please

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Gig reports please

Postby markus » 23 Dec 2002 12:17

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Postby karlpowell » 23 Dec 2002 12:28

had a top night 808 were excellent

pacific brought the house down
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Postby bez27 » 23 Dec 2002 12:45

a good night was had by all 808 were ficking top :D
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Postby SteveC » 23 Dec 2002 17:53

Having met up with Pete and the Bolton "Posse" in dry bar we ventured to the club at 9.00pm where 808 had been DJing since 8.08pm, or so the flyer said, until we saw it was actually Livewire doing the honours.

Another This Is Your Life moment occurred when Rodders and Dave appeared with their big red book and Dr Walsh and co made an appearance to round off the reunion.

Although the venue allegedly could hold over 2000, the room where 808 played seemed to have attracted about 300 which was a comfortable number ensuring the gig looked fairly full, yet left room to "dance" with the addition of no queuing at the bar (always a bonus). All in all a good location.

808 came on stage at 10.30pm offering us the same set as the previous. My favourite track at the moment is the opener "Doctors and Nurses". I cant help but become hypnotised by it and have to steady myself from falling backwards as it sends me into a trance like state. This track should be a form of Anesthetic.

The comedic highlights for me were the guest vocalists on both "606" and "Crossword". As the opening bars played on "Crossword", were we going to get a personal appearance from Alabama ? No. The vocal harmonies of Mr "No Chill Out" Partington echoed the lyrics giving a very "brooding" performance, "Its better when Alabama sing it" he strains at the end whilst sipping his water to relax his vocal chords in case we chant for an encore. "Whos a wanker" (Peter Kay joke).

Then it was Mr Masseys turn to impress, dressed in combat gear, ready for Iraq war armed with sax, to compete for the 808 karaoke prize. His rendition of "606" got a 6 out of ten from the judges and a wry comment from Daz behind him. This is the first time Ive ever seen 808 themselves sing on stage..........and hopefully the last, ha!!

An 808 performance would not be that without the obligatory power cut which came towards the end of "Quincy", leaving the drummer to solely finish the track with a 2 minute solo.

The track that certainly needs a high voltage is "Cubik" and this was to follow bringing the house down and yet again being THE track which the whole crowd adored.

The set complete there was just time for them to return and delight us with "Relay" which seemed an extended version to the one that once accompanied the set. As they left the stage for the second time, despite protests from Andy, there was no time for him to enter the karaoke contest, and alas, he was denied the opportunity of singing on "Lemonsoul"

Darren and Live then entertained the final hour on the decks, whilst Pete used his charm to blag VIP passes off Daz which gave us a whole 5minutes in the VIP lounge/Waiting room at the end.

Alas there was no after show party, despite the mention on the ticket. We then saw Graham upon leaving whereby we wished him a Merry Xmas. Paddy then made an appearance whilst we chatted outside, whereby we were ambushed SAS style once more by Mr Massey as he was heading for home, obviously training for Iraq.

All in all an enjoyable evening, great gig, I prefer the smaller venues, it took me back to a couple of the University gigs from the early days. Great to see some more of the regulars off here, have a great Christmas all, see you next year.
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Postby markus » 23 Dec 2002 21:17

Thanks Steve, reliable reporter as ever. So, setlist was the same as in London, which looking at Pete's brief London report was:
As soon as that's confirmed, the report will go on the live page.
Oh and if someone could confirm who the drummer was. Ta.
Really only 300 punters in 808s hometown? Hard to imagine.
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Oh what a night !!!

Postby K.I.T.T. » 23 Dec 2002 21:18

Was good to see 808 do what they do best, live sounds.

When Graham picked up the brass, we new it meant only one thing.

P A C I F I C !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The house went wild and he played it like a dream. And what about his strings in CUBIK at the end? The whole room was jumping wild.
In Yer Face was mad too. The old school lives on in all of us.

Live music or not, I'm gonna be there at Elementals going mental on new years eve so if anyone sees a sorted asian Bez, that's me. Come and say hello.
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Postby Pete » 23 Dec 2002 21:56

i noted all tracks (same as my BRIEF london report).

RELAY was the encore track.

The Drummer was Patrick Illingworth (same as london gig),

i'm gonna re-edit my london review & up date it (thanks Graham for reminding me). i blame carlos

i go along with Steve C's report, will add my little bit soon,

no chill out
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track list

Postby K.I.T.T. » 23 Dec 2002 22:07

Here you go Pete, I've got the track list with Graham's foot prints all over. This is what he was refering to between each track. The spellings are exactley as they are on this page I picked up from the stage.

Doctors & nurses .. Guitar
Cobra Bora...keys
Crossword...2 singers/guitar
In ones face..keys
Wheatstraw..bass, keys
The Boogieman..bass
Long Orange.. keys
606....keys (vocoder)
Quincy's Lunch (keys, bass)
Cubik (guitar)
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Postby markus » 23 Dec 2002 22:51

SteveC's Manchester Ascension report now at

Pete, I've put your initial report of London 93 Feet East at
If you want to update it, just let me know. Also I've added the surprisingly positive NME review of it to the page.
Oh, and I assumed it was Paddy on bass.
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Postby Rodders » 25 Dec 2002 12:21

not much to add to the above really, top gig all round, crowd loved 'em, had a boogie, to top it off i had the best chicken burger ive ever had on the way home.

good to see steve & pete again, also to meet dr walsh, and to finally put a face to the name "livewire"!

i managed to get a big poster from the front of the club, in the process of getting it scanned and will send it in as soon as.

now off for some turkey. merry xmas.

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Postby 808state's Tartan Army » 30 Dec 2002 01:40

Sounds like 808 did the business again - excellent :D Pity I couldn't make it. Can't wait to get to another one in 2003.
808state's Tartan Army
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Postby David » 30 Dec 2002 22:43

In One's Face ??

Are 808 becoming politically correct ?

Expect Larger Than Average Posterior Mary to feature in a set list soon. :wink:
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Postby markus » 03 Jan 2003 21:22

Can't remember if I had already mentioned that I've added a few pix of the Manc gig to the report. Thank you Debra (Andy's sister).
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Postby SteveC » 03 Jan 2003 22:22

..........and very nice she is too :wink:
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Postby Pete » 15 Jan 2003 15:00

yeh Debra was very nice, i'm glad she came up to me and said what a nice logo on the shirt i was wearing!
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