808's Sugizo remix

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808's Sugizo remix

Post by Mark » 30 Dec 2002 21:29

Just got hold of 808's remix of 'Next Dimension Beauty' by Sugizo.

Fantastic. In some cases I think 808's remixes are better than thier own work. They have the ability to make other people's music so much like their own its unbelievable. (whilst still staying true to the track)

I know we do complain about the lack of album releases by 808 (I am one of the biggest moaners!) but I now have 3 compilation disc of remixes and collaborations. That is a lot, and I don't think I have them all.

So I know 808's output is sometimes sporadic, but its worth noting that that their remix list is extensive and of mainly very high quality.

Well done lads. However don't rest on your laurels, get that next album started! :wink:

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