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Postby nickking » 01 May 2002 23:48

I'm in the process of finding out which 808/Massey remixes I'm currently missing, and found this little gem which I *DO* have:

[James: Promised Land]
[on James: Come Home]
12": 1989 UK (Rough Trade; RTT245)
CD5: 1989 UK (Rough Trade; RTT245CD)
3:07 Promised Land
[Graham Massey: Mix]

This is the original release of 'Come Home' before they signed to Fontana and had loads of hits.

Whilst on the subject, there was a remix of 'Come Home' by Graham, but this never saw the light of day... Maybe this'll see the light some day?

From (http://www.oneofthethree.co.uk/articles/nme590.htm):

"Graham 808 State Massey danced-up their Come Home single although it was never given an official release."


Nick :wink:

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Postby Ancodia » 02 May 2002 21:27

Hi Nick,
I got the Come Home CD5 fairly recently for four quid to then find out, they normally go for between 10 - 15.
Markus and I are currently working on the discogs and I'm sure you can help fill in some of the gaps.
ATB, John

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Postby nickking » 05 May 2002 02:22

Hi John,

Most definitely will help in assisting the remix/production discography - am working on one at the moment (purely for fun!), which I should have completed by late Sunday...

BTW, the Arthur Baker and Wendell Williams mixes can be lumped together in this release:

12 Criminal Element Orchestra feat. Wendell Williams everybody (ultimate state mix) / ultimate instrumental mix uk/90 1/1 deconstruction pt44074 - produced by Arthur Baker / remixed by 808 State

With Criminal Element Orchestra essentially being another pseudonym for Arthur Baker!

And with regards to Soundgarden:

"Two different remixes of "Black Hole Sun" were completed by 808 State , but Soundgarden decided not to release the remixes to the public."

So, they exist, but not on any release... yet!

Will be in touch!


Nick :wink:

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