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Chris the Boy
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Timebomb / 808:88:98

Post by Chris the Boy » 13 May 2003 13:12

Can somebody explaing to me why Timebomb wasn't included on the 808:88:98 compilation? I was sure it had been a single.

Also, is anyone else of the opinion that the track selection for that compilation was a bit unadventurous? Inclusions such as the inferior flutey mix seemed stupid, when this was already available on Ex:el. I was disappointed that there weren't many more non-album tracks/mixes. Whinge, moan …

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Post by Ancodia » 13 May 2003 13:29

You are absolutely correct Timebomb was a single, that doesn't exactlly mean that it should feature on the 'Best Of' album. Of course it has all been said before (have a search on this forum), but the album was more to do with ZTT than 808.

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Post by stephen » 25 May 2003 08:22

yeah, it seems consisting of their more popular tunes the highlight of the
compilation for me was pacific and the exclusive track crash which is actually
pretty good, the Dnb remixes of the pacific and cubic are conventional I luike
808's older techno break style better.
a compilation of more obscure singles would be cool like Cobra Bora call the
cops remix and the Yes remix

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