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Hi there everyone in the land of 808. This is my first posting on the 808 forum.

I have just completed an 808 tribute track called 808 state after the band as a mark or respect for the years that i have enjoyed their music. I wait with anticipation each time a new album is released for the next one. And as we all know, Outpost Transmission was a long time coming.

Well I wrote this track on the Sony Playstation as an addition to an album i was working on for my own amusment. The track features samples off Music and Music 2000 software. The bird tweets are not taken from Pacific but from some old relaxation cd someone lent to me.

I hope that everyone likes it but i would like to hear your comments, good and bad.

I would like to thank Markus for his support in getting the track onto the 808 fan mixes section and also my mate Paul for his technical support in recording and file tranfer to MP3. I could not have done this without you guys. Respect!

I do collect 808 stuff myself and i would like to get hold of an original copy of State to State vol 1 on cd. Also if anybody has a good CD-R copy of Quadrastate i would be interested in that too. I do own the original in mint condition from when it was first released but i don't like to play it for obvious reasons.

Well see you all soon.

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Post by andy808 »

Hello Nick

You Did This On A Playstation ( It's Not That Bad For A Toy ) :wink:
Sounds About 12 Years Old ,and If It Was Out 12 Years Ago I'd Play It On The Radio Show
And Say It Was A Tune ..... ! :D

Keep At It (Sack The Play Station ) And Get Reason On You PC
It'll Bring Your sound Into 2003


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