What song was Pacific inspired by?

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Post by markus » 02 Jul 2002 18:34

Riz is actually Rolf Harris.

Rich The Donkey Doctor
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Post by Rich The Donkey Doctor » 03 Jul 2002 09:15

Terry Nutkins is a much loved TV animal observer in the UK; rose to fame on Jonny Morris' 'Animal Magic' and went on to present 'The Really Wild Show'.

Would you class this as 'Off Topic' Markus? :smile:

Bob State 88
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Post by Bob State 88 » 02 Aug 2002 02:08

When I was at Heathrow a year or so back guess who was in the waiting area near me - none other than Television's Terry Nutkins.

He had a look at some magazines in the shop, was very tall, and then left.

Top bloke. I was starstruck.

This is such a cool board where people talk about influences in Pacific 202 and one of them just happens to be the guy what wrote it.

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Post by PHILTERFORM » 09 Aug 2002 21:17

didnt gerald play on that track

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Post by riz » 13 Aug 2002 12:19

gerald is also credited as composer on the 'pacific state' track on quadrastate.

one of the b-side tracks of gerald's 'f/x' 12" is called 'specific hate'. same chord-theme, funky-drummer-style drums and some whisteling. He did his own version.

I guess this was caused by problems with rights or royalties or something, after gerald left the band and 808 state had the hit with 'pacific 202'.

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