coma flow production

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coma flow production

Postby yo » 19 Jun 2003 04:45

I would like to know everything about how the track Coma Flow was created. great acid

Multitracked 303 ?
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Postby nickking » 19 Jun 2003 11:22

Definitely a 303 - 808 State at the time were Graham Massey, Gerald Simpson (aka A Guy Called Gerald) and Martin Price - there's some more information here

Graham will obviously know more about how it was created than me, but if you like the track, then check out the AFX remix on either '2 Remixes By AFX' (the 1st track) - details here or his '26 Mixes For Cash' album (the 'Remix by AFX' track) - more details here ... orCash.htm


Nick ;)
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Postby graham » 20 Jun 2003 16:30

If I remember rightly its 3 101s a 303,808 an old akai 12 sampler
Im pretty shure its a jam to two track tape so no over dubs ,the 303 might be going through an spx 90 on harmoniser setting, I ll have to go and listen to it again...Prebuild is coming more 88 acid
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Postby PatFromCanada » 20 Jun 2003 18:10


Carn't wait for Prebuild!

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Postby solarex » 20 Jun 2003 21:18

Twist the topic!

I remember from the Newbuild reissue reading something like "The album is remastered like the original with all the flaws".

I would like to know. Where are these obvious flaws? What is the flaws like.? Tape cut-and-glue? Instruments dropping out? Missing a beat?

I have listened to Newbuild so many times and my X-ray ears have picked up anything obvious.

Of course it is pretty dirty - great as it is.
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Postby sleestack » 02 Feb 2005 01:58


I've been listening to flow coma remix by Rich. I can't help but wonder if these are the original sounds? They sound more aggressive and fuller. Did he have a multitrack version of the original? Thanks
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Postby graham » 02 Feb 2005 12:53

There was no multitrack for most of newbuild ,some of it was live to 2 track tape,im prettyshure flowcoma was,mm may be not.dr low fruit was and compulsion were. but Richard never had access to it,its all chopping and filters and new drums on his mix I think.
sync /swim is the only track on newbuild with an atati running it and has the casio rz 1 drum machine and fz1 drms as well .so that was a bit midi based.
we had a thing called a kms 30 for syncing roland to midi.and we also sometimes stipped the tape with roland sync..Ive got some drawings of the set up in my old filofax ,(Ill see if i can get it posted up)
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Postby sleestack » 02 Feb 2005 13:53

That'd be great. I like the 303, I guess, in Flow Coma that comes in around 1:10. The downward sliding one. Vocalish sounding. Rich does something to his own voice in the remix that sounds like it.
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Postby markus » 07 Feb 2005 00:09

Graham has kindly dontated us two scans of his filofax(!) entries in 1988 with setup notes. Fantastic stuff. See halfway down the Newbuild page and click on the images to enlarge.
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Postby Rodders » 07 Feb 2005 13:22

i find it amusing that on the filofax kit diagram, there isn't an 808 :D
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Postby graham » 07 Feb 2005 14:15

yes im not totally shure what the filofax page refers to ,i think its a gig set up
and geralds stuff looks like its missing so he could have been away so no 808
or latin box .
the other page is a tracklist for pig (unreleased acid track)
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Postby sleestack » 08 Feb 2008 06:20

I just heard that aphex recreated these remix tracks from scratch with the original gear plus other gear
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