Euphoric 808 moments

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Euphoric 808 moments

Post by SteveC » 10 Jul 2003 19:27

What were your finest spine tingling moments of hearing new stuff for the first time?

One that springs to mind for me was the ending of the facially yours mix of In Yer Face..........complete euphoria, the blood oozed out my cheeks.

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Post by PatFromCanada » 10 Jul 2003 20:09

Amazing! That one truly has to be one of my favs too man! The 1st time I ever heard that ending was in the version they performed at Heaton Park for the 'Cities in the Park' Festival. It absolutely blew my mind! (sadly I was not at that show... I live in Canada... not Manchester) :-?

On an album... I would have to go with the pitch bend'ing strings in 'a natural mix' of Joyrider off Thermo Kings. That grabbed me 4 real.

On a 12"single, the Pacific 909 remix is one of the most AMAZING chill moments. Total Euphoria in it mate!


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Post by nvkid808 » 10 Jul 2003 21:03

808s music is gr8 for all situations it's them that showed me that dance music is not about cheese but about euphoria, so it's hearing "90" wot got me off me arse up to mcr in me L8 teens to see wot hacienda wer like...
tho the time it touched me most wer travelin down from inverness thru aviemore on the very last train, around about midnight-ish, seeing the hooooge mountains only visible cuz of snow --- listening to "Lift"

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Post by N.JOHNSON » 10 Jul 2003 22:33

I thought Pacific 909 was excellent too. I love that remix. Open Your Mind got me too the first time i played Lift CD single.

The beginning of Joyrider A Natural Mix did it for me too and also the first time i heard the Mancunian Delight Mix of In Yer Face on the TV program A Short Film About Chillin'. That was ages before it was released as a single.

I was so happy to find that track on the B Side of the American version of Cubik. Again, that was a long time before Ex:EL and the single. I did like the remix of that too. Let's face it. We love all 808 stuff. Some more than others but there is something magical about that band that works every time what ever they do!! :D

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Post by Mark » 11 Jul 2003 19:24

The beginning of In Yer Face always does it for me, I remember being on holiday in the early 90's and it came on in a club, everyone went totally off it, and even now it still sends a little shiver down my spine when it kicks in.

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Post by Supraset » 12 Jul 2003 04:00

Euphoric?? Well Listening to 90 for the first time... in 92 heheh. And Ex:el.

But on the dancefloor it was 'time bomb'. I'm pretty sure it was the music :)

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Post by David » 12 Jul 2003 15:38

Driving up to mighty Buffalo-I played to people '90' without introducing them to it.

They loved it-asked me what is was.
Told them everything-very impressed too as they are Bjork fans-and you know who launched her solo career !

I love moments like that.

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Post by nvkid808 » 13 Jul 2003 18:18

how gr8 r they, wen they can do jazziness, oriental sounds, even dub, & put it all on planet techno & make it work! Lungfoo is just soooperb when u hear it on a big soundsystem... that jazziness floatin along with the techno o.m.f.g!

wot i always liked is how they keep their identity on their stuff. to me at least, all the guys stuff sounds like its got MCR written allover it

i fink its got a little bit to do w/the jazz on sum o'the stuff but mainly the technoid beats (specially on earlier stuff) mirroring the feel u get bein in mcr.... does anyone kno wer im cumin from ere or am i talkin tosh, cuz i rekkon u can 'feel' atmosphere wen u go walkabout in diff. cities....???


Post by Souflex » 13 Jul 2003 19:32

doin a micro dot walkabout in Edinburgh,chewin on lots of em, listenin to 90 at number 10 on me volume (ave u got it as loud as u can ave it!) dancin in golf courses at 3am...only on wednesdays though :D

melted in the park wathchin marmalade skys to sanfrancisco - spanish heart - and hacienda tapes...

takin to many pills and jiggy jiggy'n to reaper reapo and cobra bora..underworld as well I have to admit.... mmmm skyscraper I fookin luv u!

12 hour rave in the studios (local club) when Simon Bassline Smith decided to play pacific I had 1 hour before eaten 2 double dipped purple omes to name but a few other fings

rockin to hooligan x playin and ma mate blissin out on the acid dirtiness of it all...

just generally 808 state run through my blood and anythin that is Euphoric I will somehow try to connect it to them

808 state = euphoria my friend.

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Post by SteveC » 16 Jul 2003 19:26

Pat, have to agree with you totally on the Joyrider, Pacific mixes, they were vintage moments. After hearing all the mixes of Pacific, you suddenly come across another which stood out from all the rest, and you ask yourself, who is this band and how can they be capable of stimulating your nerves to produce such a rush of euphoria ?

Joyrider on Don Solaris was one of the stand-out tracks, but alas, it was only a mere taster of what 808 could turn it into, a classical roller coaster movie sounding overture of a track on Thermo Kings

Rich The Donkey Doctor
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Post by Rich The Donkey Doctor » 17 Jul 2003 11:03

My 808 moments:

The first was hearing Pacific on Gary Davies' Radio1 show, whilst sitting in my pop's car. I was 13 (comming on 14) and was into 'House' music, but mostly of the Bomb The Bass/S-Express/Coldcut variety. I knew about Acid House, but it was so hard to track down or hear on the radio, so hearing something like Pacific on daytime radio was like manna from heaven! At the time there was a real mystery about '808state' and what they were...totally fascinating - I loved the lack of identity, and the sense that I had discovered a new kind of underground music. All my pals were into American Hip Hop; NWA, PE, Beasties etc, so when i bought '90' with some HMV vouchers on my 14th birthday (November '89) and played the album to them at school, there were a lot of perplexed faces, wondering where the vocals/raps were gonna begin!!! Listening to 90 for the first time was pretty much a life-changing experience for me. Never before had I heard such mind-blowing sounds and melodies, but crucially it set me on a holy grail quest to discover and understand how this amazing recording had been made. I'm still facinated by '90' to this day, even though I now understand all the tricks and technical bits, but I realise now there was more to it than this...melody, energy, and soul...
Next 'moment' was buying 'The Extended Pleasure of Dance' in Summer '90, taking it home and listening to Cobra Bora, Ancodia and then.... Cubik!!!! Wow - this was something NEW! So aggressive (almost 'rock' sounding) but at the same time robotic and machine-like, and totaly danceable. A unique track with a truly distinctive sound, which eventually crossed over to the charts, but I heard it first! (lol!)
And finally: seeing 'In Yer Face' performed live on Channel 4's 'Ibiza: A Short Documentary About Chilling'...Martin Price shouting "Manchester vibes in the Area!", and "Dont pay yer f***in Poll Tax!!!!!" I tried to tape it from the TV with my stereo's mic up against the TV's speaker, but it wasn't until I hunted down the American Tommy Boy import of Cubik, and flipped over to the little gem on the other side...what a toooon! Needless to say all my mates were now 808 converts!

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Post by David » 17 Jul 2003 13:53

Great post Rich.I can identify with it all.

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