A Guy Called Gerald official web-site now up... :)

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A Guy Called Gerald official web-site now up... :)

Post by Dr.Walsh » 31 Oct 2003 09:27

www.aguycalledgerald.com :)

ps: This post sent at 8:08am :)

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Post by nickking » 31 Oct 2003 10:35

Yup, it's not finished as yet, but it's taking form - more to follow shortly, apparently.


Nick ;)


Post by Souflex » 31 Oct 2003 20:36

Hi Nick,

The look of the site is nice and I can see that in the future there is more room for develoment, i think just now though the text size is to small, it is hard to read against the white, don't you think?

Purely constructive criticism :)

I have website which I run, check www.chineng.nl you will see the forum looks very familiar :wink:

Sorry to stray of topic...


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