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Yes, Yes!

Post by scottmedia »

The sounds page is great and is very appreciated!! The updated tracks are Very much loved and listened to especially since I rarely listen to anything other than 808 State and Future Sound Of London.
Cheers , Will

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Post by joeskeys »

Huzzah! An FSOL fan on the 808 site! I've got something like 28 CDs of 808 and FSOL material. Finding someone else who is a heavy fan of both groups is a first... I assume there's a few more such folk in the UK.

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Post by markus »

I beg your pardon? :) I think in Europe you have to ask which 808 State fans *don't* like FSOL. I know I love everything they do, and many others do too!

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Post by nickking »

Most definitely like Future Sound Of London, as do Graham (who remixed Papua New Guinea), and Andy & Daz who play Papua New Guinea during their DJ sets! :D

Oh, and Future Sound Of London included a Biting Tongues track (one of the versions of Feverhouse) in their Essential Mix back in 1995.

So, yup, FSOL rock! :P


Nick ;)

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Post by Mark »

Yes, another FSOL fan here, wasn't overly impressed with the recent Amorphous Androgynous CD though. Lifeforms is one of my fave CD's, and Dead Cities is great too.

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Post by SteveC »

Saw FSOL at Brighton Festival and wasn't overly impressed, although they have released some memorable tracks.

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Post by chets808 »

The sounds page is definitely a favorite of mine. Keep em coming.

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First may I say well done for the mp3s they have been top notch. I have a few suggestions: Like the past tracks, quality is important so keep the mp3 quality high even if it means large downloads. If down load size is an issue then perhaps have a track for download for a short space of time.

An mp3 of IYF from the Vigo set and Fuzz Nasty would be brilliant. So would any experimental work from 808 or the lads individually, (it was good to hear grahams material on xfms in the mix and his christmas special). Also I never got round to downloading Daz and Andys radio shows so a reamergence of them would be good.

Mp3s of 808 related remixes that I havnt tracked down yet and rare tracks are needed (ie Busy Child-The Crystal Method I think wasnt available commercially - could be wrong though). Could have a vote each month for "remix download of the month" or something like that. If copywrite is an issue then it sucks because we still all buy the material, its just nice to be able to hear what it is like until we can track it down.

Any sessions off the radio such as the gorgeous sessions, or from more recent sessions (as surely someone recorded them) would be great to down load as mp3s.

Remixes of past and present 808 tracks by the lads themselves for the fansite would be a godsend although I expect they would be too busy to do this.

Anyway keep up the goodwork Markus/808 its been good so far and just what the doctor ordered! Badgerman

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Post by PeteB »

apologies if its been said before, but i don't read all posts on here!

anyway my point is the demo version of Donkey Doctor on the sounds page!

surely its 808080808 not Donkey Doctor?

808state's Tartan Army
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Post by 808state's Tartan Army »

You're right Pete. Definately 808080808 and not Donkey Doctor. I've listened to it loads of times. How I never noticed before I don't know. :-? Anyone else noticed this?

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