New T-shirt Appeal 2004

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New T-shirt Appeal 2004

Post by SteveC »

Well done Pete on producing some classic 808 T-shirts in the past.

With at least 18 people buying the old skool version what do you think the chances are of producing todays modern design ?

All those who want Pete to produce the ghost like figure with headphones on the front of a black T-shirt with Outpost Transmission on the reverse sign below.

Go on Pete, you know you want it, theres a years supply of lager in it for yer. :wink:

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Post by Mark »

Yeah Steve, I'm in for that. You know you want to Pete.

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Post by Dr.Walsh »

My opinion is: the art-work on 'Outpost Transmission' was not very good, and I don't think it would make a very good t-shirt...


Post by Souflex »

I agree that the artwork is not so exciting, more of a little statement eh?

Why instead of Pete don't 808 State make another t-shirt themselves?

Don't tell me only the diehards would buy one.....nice t-shirt then I'm sure most people on this board would buy one for a start....gigs, then more punters would buy them. They are not meant to be BIG money earners but through time they would sell and 808 would make money.

808 State used to make crakin t-shirts in the past, whish they would again.

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Post by joeskeys »

I miss the 808 butterfly logo... :-(.

I still think Don Solaris was their coolest album cover art. I've always wanted a poster of that... does such a thing exist?

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Post by markus »

It did. See ... poster.htm

On the subject of posters, I'm still looking for the 90 poster, the one with the fish on it.
Regarding the t-shirts, I too think that a Outpost t-shirt wouldn't sell. I think it's a shame that Outpost didn't feature any 808 logo at all.

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