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Post by markus »

I'd like to share a little 808 moment I had this morning at the post office:
To my surprise I had pulled ticket number 807 at the queue, naturally I also took the next one :) So the next person got 809. When I was helped and the counter and the next teller got free, 808 was flashing on the board and the clerk was calling "808", albeit in Dutch. Aah, the small things that can bring a smile to your face :)

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Post by SteveC »

Its official, we've all got 808 dementia

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Post by dmp »

I think this is the best discussion that has been up for a while. I agree with a lot of what has been said, especially by Graham.

I think if 808 had put some stuff out a bit quicker than they did after ex:el and associated singles. Tracks like In Yer Face are probably what got a significant amount of 808 State's fan base on board, and all the fannying about (ZTT!! - I hated them), between that and the Time Bomb single release must have put a lot of people off, made them lose interest.

I even remember 808 being featured in Smash Hits!!! "Martin Price has odd tatoos on his hands which look like biro marks"!!!! Picture that nowadays?

During this time bands like The Prodigy and Chemicals started appearing and doing well (they never could have done it if 808 State hadn't broken the mould), and I think a lot of 808 fans got into them during 808's extended absence.

The period between 93/94 and the present day is probably when it is unfashionable to be an 808 State fan. A lot of my mates were really into them between 89 - 91, but after the euphoria of ex:el etc., many of them stopped being interested. And there I was, still championing the cause and cutting about with my 808080808 Techno City and Gorgeous t-shirts!

I really believe 808 State were at a severe disadvantage to other groups at the time. I really thought ZTT were terrible, absolutely awful. They didn't seem to promote the band much. I remember always waiting to hear news of 808's next release; a tour - anything. But it never came. It was really annoying.

I remember when Plan 9 came out. It deserved to be a huge success, a really good single. I remember Mark Goodyear (or whatever his name was) playing it one night on Radio 1 a couple of weeks before it came out. He said, "I think this is going to be.... rather large". It never was, and I don't think 808 State ever had the same kind of UK-wide exposure again to be honest.

Regarding the US remixes, I thought Justin Strauss' US lift remix was piss poor, but I quite liked Kuper's mixes of Ooops.

In the end, the state remain a brilliant band with a good loyal following. It's always interesting to think what might have been had ZTT got their act together though. They could have put the Prodigy, Altern-8, the Chemicals and all that mob well and truly in the shade.


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that is true what you say dmp,

but 808 State to be honest have never fully in themselves tried to be a major market force, if not for more than one reason. They have nearly almost through out their entire history chosen for underground if not a very low existence in the market, sure there is...how many chart singles? But who cares about the charts???

808 State man are only about music and I think as far a managment and direction goes I am happy that they do not follow the sad trend of the 'public' techno bands by singing for yer ma at dinner time.

Compare it to the last three tracks on Gorgeous.....sexy dancer, sexy synthesizer, Stormin Norman

:P :P :P :P :P :P

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