Non comercial (or little known about) versions of 808 tracks

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Non comercial (or little known about) versions of 808 tracks


Hearing about the 10" which virtually rips off pacific I wondered about how many versions/remixes of 808 material there are out there which arent listed on the website.

Can any one do a list?

For example we have had recent remixes of Pacific/Cubik in 2003. Graham has talked about a mix of cubik played by 2 many djs and the metal monkey machine version of cubic. On the site we have got the 909 oxidizing agent, go no go, paridise x and the Pm dawn track. There is no mention of "specific Hate" Gerald Simpsons version of Pacific (was he bitter about it all? - dont want to open old wonds if that is the case) it should be listed though.

Also are there many dj mashups even if they have only been on the internet. Wasnt there a version of destinys child (song??)/808-pacific a while ago?

hope people can list the tracks they know about - it would be quite useful - Badgerman

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if memory serves, danny tenaglia once did his own mix of pacific (and cubik...?) but i think it was purely for himself...?

nick? :wink:

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