That DVD

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That DVD

Post by joeskeys » 06 Jul 2004 02:35

Any word on Optibuk for Region 1? Region-free DVD players are awfully expensive...

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Post by PatFromCanada » 06 Jul 2004 14:46


I purchased a 'NOVA' multi-region DVD player from Best Buy for only $49.00 Canadian. That's peanuts.

HOWEVER, it won't open anymore and my Optibuk DVD is stuck inside and I have to return the fookin' thing. Sad... because if I want to watch my St Etienne "Smash the System" DVD right now, I have to do so on a computer.

My friggin' 808 state DVD cost me more than the DVD player it's stuck inside! Ha ha ha!


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Post by Pete » 06 Jul 2004 15:55

multi region dvd players in uk are quite cheap, especially from a stockist named RICHER SOUNDS

not sure if they ship abroad?

j the teacher
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change region on ANY DVD player

Post by j the teacher » 08 Jul 2004 22:36

Originally posted Feb 13, 2003...
I planned on getting a region free DVD player, but I instead found which gives directions on how to change the region of your dvd player. I did not have to buy a new dvd player and I can now view the region 2-6 OptiBUK dvd on my original region 1 DVD player. Go to and click on DVD players and then scroll down to find your DVD PLAYER.

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