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I would like Quadrastate to be re-issued on CD!

Yes, I would buy the CD if it were re-issued.
I don't need a CD, a digital download would be enough.
No, I've got the original on vinyl and don't need it on CD.
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Post by subcon959 » 11 Mar 2005 22:53

Chris the Boy wrote:Oh, and what's the "Control?" track mentioned above by Newbuild? Is that a demo of "Contrique"? Presumably not – wrong period?
It's an early version of Contrique.. If I remember correctly it's the last track on State To State.

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Post by newbuild » 13 Mar 2005 12:04

i think it would be nice to have the 303 mix into the d50 mix (including the carpenters 'interlude' omitted on warp edit) kinda like some of the quadrastate tracks which have surprising endings...

isnt the track from the state to state cd from quadrastate sessions?

since the og lp gives ged cred on pacific state-does anyone know which other track gerald has mentioned as the second track on the lp he was involved in-or is the track unreleased?

is control more similar in style/tempo to deepville than contrique?

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Post by dancetranz » 22 Mar 2005 21:14

Waiting patiently...

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