Colours reports please!

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Rich The Donkey Doctor
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Post by Rich The Donkey Doctor » 02 Jun 2002 16:42

C'mon lads, lets have it...Surely someone can get to a computer now?

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Post by PeteB » 03 Jun 2002 15:40

live set list = COBRA BORA (new remix), BOOGIEMAN (new track), DONKEY DOCTOR (Darren called Techno City - new remix), DOCTORS AND NURSES, WHEATSTRAW (new track), PACIFIC (new remix), QUINCY , IN YER FACE (new remix), LONG ORANGE & CUBIK!

Eric (the man with the fan) was back on stage waving his arms (but no fan)!

Long Long Wait to get a drink, 808 well worth waiting 4!

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Post by Oggy » 03 Jun 2002 17:07

808 State were worth the wait, music was banging - liked some of the new stuff, cant wait for the new album.

Was a bit dissapointed with the screens display though, cause there was none! Thought they could have put up a display or some sort of graphics like when Tall Paul was on. The old pacific video would have done the trick!!

Eric looked like he was directing aircraft traffic, LOL was a bit like Bez from the Happy Mondays :smile:

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Post by McBain » 03 Jun 2002 18:47

Woooaah there Pete!

Lets check this out -

live set list = COBRA BORA (new version),
BOOGIEMAN (new track), DONKEY DOCTOR (Darren called Techno City - new version), ??? (new track), WHEATSTRAW (new track), PACIFIC (new version), QUINCY (reworking), IN YER FACE (new version), LONG ORANGE & CUBIK

Cobra Bora, new version?? God I hope you mean new as in 2002 remix .. what about the others, are we talking a whole new batch of mixes for the new millenium? What about brand new stuff?
Sorry don't mean to sound manic mate. Waiting with baited breath for a report from anyone that made it to colours, damned if I wasn't flying out of scotland on the same day, nothing I could do about it .. :sad:
So let's hear it 808'ers!
ps Cobra Bora, new version?! Wii-hoo!

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Post by Ian » 04 Jun 2002 12:07

All reet lads! Enjoyed 808 at Colours doing their stuff, and good to meet some of the crowd from this board. Hope you had a top day out.

We were in the Space tent just before 808's set started, and David Morales was on. Incidentally I remember the last tune we heard he played was his mix of Bjork's Hyperballad (which was nice!)

Then we got into the Main Arena just as they were halfway through the first tune which I didn't instantly recognise as Cobra Bora, but thought it was a good tune. The highlights for me were Techno City / Donkey Doctor and the new extended version of Pacific which rocked!! Also the new tunes from the upcoming album sounded good.

I have to say I didn't think that the Colours crowd were completely into the d&b / breaks stuff like Long orange or Quincy, maybe they're not used to it - the rest of the day was all 4/4 house and trance. It would probably have gone down better with say the Traveller crowd in newcastle. But overall it was a good set and 808 reminded a few people how much they influenced the whole scene back in the day and also showed they can still rock an arena in 2002!

Geordie Ian

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Post by Ancodia » 04 Jun 2002 19:32

The Coloursfest crowd was a very hardcore/four to the floor type of crowd. They were all going mental in the Streetdance Arena/Tent, I think 808 may have been too different for them. And what was the big surge to the front for - just to see the extremely useless but none the less very tasty Danni Minogue. Sorry I didn't see anyone on the Monday I didn't surface 'til late - as the main bar had the huge queue, I started drinking pints of Breezer from the bar in the Space Arena/Tent! 808 were as always f**kin' great, and the live version of Quincy was most definetly the dogs dangley bits!
Hope everyone enjoyed themselves and I will get my photos e-mail to Markus ASAP. Cheers, John.

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Post by JD » 04 Jun 2002 19:43

Ha ha. JD was mishmashed. Got a taxi from Glasgow to Edinburgh at 4am (sorry I didn't manage to say goodbye)only to find that the bank's link network had broken down. Taxi man would not accept an IOU so had to go round 3 mates for loans totalling £85!

808 were f***in great as usual. Can't agree more with the views on the crowd though. I had a ball of a time in the streetrave tent though.

Proper report will follow when I get back to work.


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Post by markus » 04 Jun 2002 21:57

Spot on Pete, the 4th track which we didn't recognise instantly was indeed 'Doctors & Nurses'.
I'm still a bit dizzy from the flight... will try report tomorrow. Hoping to get my photos by the end of the week, looking forward to John's. Anyone else who took photos, e-mail them to me please.

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Post by SteveC » 04 Jun 2002 23:20

The North was at its Heights on Sunday as 808state came to the city of Glasgow to
preach their sound to non-believers. Their followers were out in force in the biggest
808 website convention yet.

It was a long time coming but great to see so many 808ers at the same gig.

We expected a new set and we certainly got it. It was as though the arena had gone
into a timewarp and, although still looking aged, 808 had reverberated back to the
good old days. Cobra Bora was brought back to life with a more potent venom and
Donkey Doctor certainly kicked ass, whilst Eric entertained the crowd with his unique
hand waving dance routine. Eat yer heart out Bez.

New renditions followed of Pacific, with Graham giving his finest performance yet,
Cubik and In Yer Face whilst new tracks gave a taster of how good the new album is
going to sound.

But then we were brought back to today and although Long Orange and Quincy may
have been pleasing to our ears, the fact that Darren had to explain who 808state
actually were, why they were there and that it was they who created the instantly
recognisable Pacific gave some indication of how far they haven’t come in recent

So another sermon over, but what a gig, the sounds of the state must have even
unsettled nessie. Lets hope some of the crowd actually join the religion that is

My best memory of the evening was seeing the guy who was slagging off the set all
the way through actually losing it to Cubik at the end and the performance of Doctors
and Nurses was, for me, the track of the set. It was so hypnotic and has to be released at some stage.

Cheers 808 and cheers 808ers.........I’m off now to Devon

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Post by SteveC » 04 Jun 2002 23:23

Don't know what happened there......anyway i'm off quick!!

Rich The Donkey Doctor
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Post by Rich The Donkey Doctor » 05 Jun 2002 10:48

Sounds like a good day at the office for 808? Can someone give a more detailed review of the set - ie. is Pacific still 'breakbeat'?; what's been done to Cobra Bora?; what were the new tracks like? - are they breakbeat, d'n'b, house or techno? Anyone make a bootleg? :wink:

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Post by Ian » 05 Jun 2002 12:01

There was Graham on keyboards, guitar and sax, Darren on congas and dex, Andy on keyboards and fx, and a live drummer. Techno City / Donkey doctor was similar to the original but with more of an electro beat with some scratching of "welcome to techno city" by Darren. Cobra Bora sounded a bit more 'live' with the drummer and Darren on the bongos. Most of the rest of the set was breaks apart from a 4/4 version of Pacific in the middle which was about 10 minutes long- excellent stuff. Then there was In Yer Face and Cubik towards the end which were both quite similar to the originals cubik complete with crazy guitar solo by Graham at the end. The second of the new tracks had a slower hip-hop sound from what I can remember

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Post by Ian » 05 Jun 2002 12:07

My mate accidentally rang his work from his mobile so there is about a 10 minute 'bootleg' of the set on his work answer machine! haha

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Post by nickking » 05 Jun 2002 23:04

Well, luckily, most people have posted their report (including the tracklist, which I'm crap at remembering), so I'll keep this (fairly) brief.

It was great to see so many 808'ers at the gig - Steve C, Rodders, Pete & Carlos, JD, Danny, Markus, John Ancodia, Neil Tartan Army and Ian - apologies if I've forgotten anybody, but my memory's crap!

Anyway, Travel Inn was okay, but bar was a bit small, but it did have a TV so that we could watch the (admittedly awful) England match!

Onto the gig. The festival was split into a number of tents, each hosting different dj's and acts.

I saw the K-Klass dj-set, a bit of X-Press 2 in the Space tent, a bit of Corvin Dalek, Sister Bliss, and Danii Minogue (goddamn awful - how anybody could like her music, I don't know)!

808 were nestled between a Tall Paul DJ set and DJ Tiesto, so the young crowd there weren't really the type of crowd who would fully enjoy the 808 live experience! :wink:

Anyway, the set (as previously mentioned by both Pete & Ian) comprised new versions (in recent gig terms - i.e. Brixton/Dundee) of old classics (Cobra Bora, Donkey Doctor - announced as 'Techno City' by Darren, Pacific, In Yer Face, Cubik), together with some live favourites (Doctors & Nurses, Quincy and Long Orange), and a couple of new tracks from 'Output Transmissions' (Boogie Man & Wheat Straw).

The new versions of old tracks injected life back into the favourites (essentially bringing the classic aspects of those tracks - e.g. some more sax and oodles of bird song into Pacific, a beefed up version of Cubik - longer and updated, and In Yer Face - everyone went wild with the 'There are new forces...' intro).

The new songs I'm not familiar with (obviously) at the moment, but the beats, Graham's guitar, and Mikey's superb manic drumming, mean that there's something to look forward to when the album finally sees the light of day.

A really exhausting hour, which I was frantically 'dancing' (if you can call wailing arms wildly about, and jigging away like mad on the spot, dancing...), although not as mad as Eric!

The Colours crowd and 808? They looked as though they preferred Tall Paul and DJ Tiesto to 808, but hey, maybe there are some newly converts out there... Pacifc/In Yer Face and Cubik certainly got the crowd alive, especially Cubik which a lot were continually shouting for.

Hopefully 808 will tour with the release of the new album - hopefully somewhere closer to home this time?

BTW, JD, Danny wants a copy of the photos that were taken (thought I'd mention that whilst I can still remember)!

Drink prices crap, queues crap, but superb 808 gig!


Nick :wink:

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Post by Rodders » 05 Jun 2002 23:11

the coloursfest was amazing, i've never seen so many beautiful girls in one place at any one time. you couldn't look up without eyeballing some scantily clad goddess walking by. i mean, i know we've all seen gorgeous girls in pubs & clubs before, but this was absolutely jaw-dropping. small, tall, blonde, brunette, white, black, oriental, whatever your taste it was all there. it must be all the irn-bru they drink coz ive never seen anything like it round our way. it were chock up t'nuts wi'tash. pete will back me up on this :wink: oh yes, coloursfest will stay in my memory for a very long time...

...hmm, actually i vaguely remember 808 coming on stage and doing a few tracks :smile: seriously, the set was a fans wet dream, the mixes of cobra bora and pacific were storming, i don't think anyone knew what they were until the riffs kicked in. i expected the new tracks to be more along quincy/invader/STS2 lines but they were quite slower & funky, good stuff indeed. does anyone know if the gig was recorded for anything, tv radio etc..?

all i've got to do now is find out what the hell happened to Tuesday...

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