Shine MC (MC Tunes/Spin Masters)

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Shine MC (MC Tunes/Spin Masters)

Post by nickking »

Found this article here - early colloborator with MC Tunes/Spin Masters/Gerald:

"Shine MC

Shine started out breakdancin and bodypoppin in the early eighties to grandmasterflash, melle mel, Run DMC, other influences were Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley.

Shine started Mcing and beatboxin in 1984 with Nicky Locket aka MC Tunes. Together they joined 808 State and DJ Soundsystem spin masters with a guy called Gerald.

Shines first gigs were under eighteen parties promoted by Johnny Jay’s Rock da house crewe.

When they rave seen started in 1989 shine was working with Family Foundation which was on Johnny Jay and Pete Waterman’s lable, 380 records. During this time Shine also worked with dance outfit E-LUSTRIOUS.

Guest appearances as an MC on other artists songs and albums include the Space Monkeys and the Dust Junkies.

Shine got into writing his own tunes in 1996. He teamed up with Sweet FA to co-write songs for their album, including flowers which went straight into the charts at number2.

During the summer of 2000 shine was MCing everynight at clubs in Ayia-napa for five weeks.

Shine now has his own production company Megarider productions, that writes and produces songs. He has been djing for the past five years at various clubs nationally.
currently at the sugar lounge. He also has a soundsystem alongside Spread Love, Vance Benjamin, Deebo and various other artists, called Pure Niceness that does the hottest parties currently in Manchester. ‘COMING TO A THEATRE NEAR YOU’.

A new single, provisionally titled Stressing Me is being mixed for release at the end of this year featuring Spread Love, MC Tunes and Tricky with an album to follow."

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Post by PeteZarustica »

Megarider??? Does he also manages bus drivers? 8)

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Post by sunnybeswick »

Shine was mint, On The Ragga Tip with E-Lustrious "All Manchester crew brock out!" 8)

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Post by graham »

I have some tapes of shine with the spinmasters,from back in 88
Animal and Phycho,plus some live stuff from the Boardwalk I think.
Youll Have to ask Andy and Daz wether they want that on the soundpage
But Im rather fond of the two studio tracks recorded@ spirit iin the quadrastate era
(just before)
I have to dig out some of the Hitsquad era boardwalk gigs as I said Id do a
tape of the Rap Assasins for Greg Wilson (he used to produce them)who I met the other Night and has sent me some exelant mix cds

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