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Post by Pete » 08 Jun 2002 17:03

ok going deep into my collection, digging out classic stuff from Aphex, LFO, Autechre, B12, Black Dog, Speedy J, Fuse.

anyone recommend anything from Warp that i should check out - electronic artists only plz

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Post by Rodders » 08 Jun 2002 18:04

anything by two lone swordsmen, some of their earlier stuff isn't on warp but worth getting, and the 'tiny reminders' album is fantastic..

..also not strictly electronic but the chris morris / blue jam cd has to be heard to be believed..

Rich The Donkey Doctor
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Post by Rich The Donkey Doctor » 08 Jun 2002 18:44

Pete, you've hit on another of my fave labels there...i expect you know most of the artists i would have mentioned, but if not check the 'Artificial Intelligence' compilation series...also Squarepusher (manic Aphex style D'n'B with live Bass). Lastly (and probably the coolest thing i've bought) is a compilation mixed by Strictly PC and Kev called 'Blech' - features all the Warp stuff mashed up into a complete hotch-potch of noize, scratching and samples - genius. The cover's cool aswell (manga style cartoon). Nightmares On Wax are another good bet - pioneers of dubby, sample heavy smokin tunes... :wink:

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Post by Pete » 09 Jun 2002 13:55

it was the Artificial Intelligence album that got me into the following Warp artists,
they had a numbered series:

1, AI compilation
2, Polygon Window (afx) - Surfing On Sine Waves
3, Black Dog - Bytes
4, B12 - Electro Soma
5, Fuse - Dimension Intrusion
6, Speedy J - Ginger
7, Autechre - Incunabula

that was as far as i got (apart from AI 2),
i got both LFO albums & all Aphex's.

anyone know what other albums were part or warp's artificial intelligence series?

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Post by Ian » 10 Jun 2002 10:43

Check out the Theory of Evolution compilation on Warp. Excellent stuff from Pritchard & Middleton's Evolution Label WARP29


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Post by Mark » 10 Jun 2002 18:13

Hi, Finally in my new gaff!

On the Subject of the great Warp label, try The Sabres Of Paradise classic 'Sabresonic' also the brilliant 'Haunted Dancehall' Plaid are also worth checking out and one of my faves Red Snapper, who have had about 4 albums their most recent 'We Aim To Satisfy' is probably the best.

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Post by dmp » 21 Jun 2002 20:27

Check out the Warp 10 series of compilations, 1 - 2 & 3. (Influences, Classics and Remixes). Brilliant - 808 appear with Let Yourself Go on the first one! Another good track has to be Hey! Hey! Can U Relate by DJ Mink.

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Post by PatFromCanada » 28 Jun 2002 16:26

Yo man! Those classic WARP comps are TOPS!!!!

When I got that series I couldn't take them out of me cd drive at work! "I'm for real..." or... "Tricky Disco!..."

That bleep music was the shiznit at that time. I looooooove Sweet Exorsist! A lot of WARP artists and 808state did YMO remixes a number of years back too! That was the shit!

I love the WARP label. LFO are amazing! (not the bluddy boy-band! " What is House?"


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Post by Vadertech » 06 Nov 2002 18:20

Definitely my favorite record label by far. Check out Plaid's Not for Threes. Simply brilliant and a guest appearence by none other than Bjork. Also, Autechre lp5 is a classic and very emotional. Hmmm... Aphex Twin Sel Amb Wrks 1 and 2 though I personally love 2 more than 1. Boards of Canada are also an excellent group. Get the High Scores EP when its rereleased next month for the best Boards of Canada track ever "Everything you do is a balloon".

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