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Post by markus » 19 Aug 2005 22:56

Interesting how rant postings get the most responses by far. OK, you’ve asked for it, Markus in full rant mode now:

Souflex: Your wish is granted, you’re fired! Good night and good riddance.

Rodders: Agree with some of your statements. At 39 (yikes!) I’m finding I get the most pleasure out of listening to oldskool (up until ca 93) which is nicely summed up by the 808 Radioshows. However that doesn’t mean there isn’t good new electronic music about! (note I’m avoiding the expression ‘dance music’).

In all respect to the big acts you’ve named, your taste is commercial! They are stadium acts and as such indeed are under pressure by labels to write anything as long as they keep on churning out albums. You liked 90s chart acts and now you expect the 2005 chart acts to be as innovative as those from the 90s.

There’s a simple way out - go underground!! Thanks to the Internet there is sooo much more to explore than there ever was before, and access is so simple to signed or unsigned music. Loads of people and stations are streaming electronic music. Goodbye radio-friendly rubbish!

I suppose your core question is ‘can anyone advise of any new good music’ and I suggest we use the Music forum here more often when we discover new talented stuff. I sometimes find out about interesting labels through 808-related releases, e.g. the Black Dog remix lead me to hydrogendukebox.com . One piece of advice is look abroad. Loads of interesting labels come from Germany, e.g. Kompakt. Or look in Holland, the whole electro scene round around Legowelt, Bunker Records globaldarkness.com I just popped into cybernetic-broadcasting.net great stuff but I have to admit Electro and Italo Disco are re-hashes too.
And then there is always the labels from Detroit…

Sites like boomkat.com always have great write-ups of the latest electronic releases.

And I do find Warp acts like Squarepusher and Jamie Lidell are taking electronic music to interesting new and different levels.

One last objection. Is it really necessary to advise kids to be on drugs before one can appreciate live and recorded music? I suppose I am one of the few round here who don’t need that. I’ve always opposed the saying that you need to be on drugs to appreciate Techno / House etc. I guess that warrants a whole separate topic though…

Oh and one last rant: Shame on you that you don't know Geralds early stuff!!!

Rant-mode stops here, it’s about time to get those pictures of the legendary Turin night up! Maybe I’ll manage before I go on holiday…

Breakbeat forever!!! :) :) :)
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Post by nickking » 19 Aug 2005 23:11

markus wrote:Rant-mode stops here, it’s about time to get those pictures of the legendary Turin night up! Maybe I’ll manage before I go on holiday…
That reminds me, I've *still* got to do my Turin report! :)

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Post by Rodders » 20 Aug 2005 14:32

hi mark & markus, glad you've joined the discussion :)

i agree that the bands i've listed are "commercial" but none of them started out as pop acts aimed at 13-25 yr olds, they were all underground at some point but along the way they either compromised or just lost their fire. i don't think that being commercial means the band have to be boring, or the music can't be challenging or interesting (and when you think about it ALL music that is available to buy is surely commercial). the klf got to number 1 twice by taking the piss out of the industry itself. commercial? very (in fact that was the point). compromised? not a bit. (interesting that they coined the term "stadium house" to describe their music)

but, markus, you are correct, if the bands i once liked all started off as underground, then i need to look there now for inspiration. i appreciate your suggestions and will start to root around for new stuff, and anything cool that i find i'll certainly post about here.

and to address your point about drugs - i would never say that you need them to enjoy electronic music, but having listened to a variety of music on a variety of different substances as well as completely straight, i have to say that they do make a difference, sometimes a big one. i picked up from newbuild's post that he takes E, so my comment about taking them was aimed at him. (at the moment i've found a combination of substances that makes music sound absolutely incredible, but im keeping it to myself for fear of it going overground :D )

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Post by newbuild » 20 Aug 2005 16:22

no-no...i wrote 'l' not 'e'...it was intentional, but i tried to disguise it. rodders-you found me out...sorta...since i am a kid, i guess i'd only be a bad influence on my own generation...;)

anyways i thought it was great catching autechre in los angeles this last may...i call it a live megamix-if you will-consisting mostly of new material and pro radii from the current lp...immediately after autechre exited the stage, rob hall dropped the aphex twin falling free remix! and then the crowd started dancing like three-legged people doing the charleston.

snd was pretty decent, too.
it was the first time i'd heard them.
they had this relentless bass drum on a track...supoiwb...and impressively splendid as well! stop

big raff
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Post by big raff » 21 Aug 2005 16:18

i think its pathetic to whinge about how rubbish the state of electronic music is, and how "its not like it used to be" etc. If people were actually passionate about this, they would be pro-active. Lets face it, with the internet, it really isn't difficult to do a bit of research, and go off and adventure a bit on-line.
the state of electronic music is as healthy now as it has ever been. moreso in fact. rather than moan and groan like an old fart, do some detective work. If you can't be bothered, don't MOAN!

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Post by newbuild » 22 Aug 2005 03:48

i agree with you big raff,
and with jon douglas about soulflex...
and in part about his comments about the man from the dam...
but i think that if postings are merely libel, and have nothing to do with 808 in a positive regard, then why should they remain?
they make for VERY dull reading material...not what i visit the forum for...

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Post by markus » 22 Aug 2005 08:30

Oh why don't you all just sod off! I'm out of here.

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Post by SteveC » 22 Aug 2005 20:23

I go away for a week and it all kicks off, must be the start of the footie season.

In relation to the topic, I too have become disillusioned with the scene over the years and now very rarely listen to 'new' dance music. I shudder when I hear the latest sounds from once established acts and am amazed at the frenzy that takes place from certain radio stations in promoting this durge.

Its due to this change that I now find myself listening too XFM regularly and into the sounds of Coldplay/Keane/White Stripes etc etc.

Having watched Glastonbury though, I must say I was taken by Royksopp who I may check out some more.

As far as the bands I followed in my twenties go, Orbital have gone, Spooky have disappeared and 808 are numbered.

Electronic Dave
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Post by Electronic Dave » 23 Aug 2005 22:18

Well after reading this thread I just like to say a little thing or two........I'm only 25 (most fans on here have known the State since year dot) and I was never old enough at the time to follow bands like 808 State, Orbital, The Shamen and old skool acts.....I only managed to pick up on them at the tail end of their success. I have a huge appreciation for electronic music regardless if its past, present or future.

Like SteveC has said above I also listen to a little XFM and Radio 1 and buy mainstream acts like Keane, Snow Patrol, Coldplay. Mainly because I like some of the songs I've heard..........however when compared to my favourite electronica stuff its acts like 808 State, Orbital, Royksopp, Boards Of Canada, Ladytron etc that win.....the ones that don't get played much.......or people I know haven't heard the likes of.......that I really love. Sure electronic music goes through phases of popularity flirting with the mainstream and underground but there will always be some form of electronic music for me to enjoy even if its over-hyped, underground, forgotten or re-labelled............


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Post by Strunz » 25 Aug 2005 16:57

Quit it with the age thing. Bernard Sumner was 33 when New Order released one of their best albums Technique - with the band soaking up the house and techno reverberating around the Hacienda. Similarly, Depeche Mode wrote Violator the wrong side of 30, and by all accounts, their new one Playing the Angel is up there with it. How old were Kraftwerk when they released Computer World and Tour de France - well over 35! Terence Fixmer (33) on DJ Hell's Gigolo label has teamed up with Nitzer Ebb's Douglas Mccarthy (37) and have destroyed dancefloors and venues across Europe and the US with their Fixmer Mccarthy project - playing hard clean tech electro. We're so ageist in this country, pop music's demographic has gotten younger and younger, most clubs are catered to 17-21 age range. If you to certain clubs in London and Ibiza (ie the good ones) - you'll see an age range of between 18-45 - with people enjoying themselves to good music. Also, the Fabric CDs recently have been great - Ivan Smagghe, Death in Vegas. Check out Ricardo Villalobos, Ewan Pearson's productions and Richie Hawtin's new album on Mute in October. And guess what - all these guys are in their 30s.

De Lillie

Music Moans

Post by De Lillie » 11 Oct 2005 15:54

markus wrote:Oh why don't you all just sod off! I'm out of here.
Shame, Markus
I honestly have no clue what the whole rant was about. I giggle when I hear people mention House Music. We live in the era of Rap and R&B people. Stop knocking Markus please. I've known him for years and I know he's the guy in the Offspring Videos 'Pretty Fly For A White Guy' and 'Why don't you get a job' :P
De Lillie - Wigga and proud of it

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Post by Rodders » 11 Oct 2005 20:15

been listening to the following new (i.e. new to me) artists that you may like..

venetian snares
somatic response
blotnik brothers

more to follow :D

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Post by Mark » 15 Oct 2005 20:37

Venetian Snares is highly recommended, I got into him a couple of years ago and he's similar to Aphex and U-Ziq only slightly more.....how can I put it? Clangier?

Check out his CD Songs about my cats. Sublime stuff.

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