The Mondays - chance of a comeback from 2003

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The Mondays - chance of a comeback from 2003

Post by SteveC » 20 Sep 2005 11:02

The Happy Mondays

Probably the kings of the Madchester era, marrying funk-inspired indie vibes with electronic sounds to produce the ultimate "baggy" sound.

The story of their musical brilliance and ridiculous excesses made them stars of the latter half of the Manchester musical film, 24 Hour Party People, for which they provided the title track.

But most members of the band have now moved on to other things, including lead singer Shaun Ryder who was last reported to be living in Australia.

Chances of a return? It is unlikely that they will now get back together.

Comeback rating: 2/10

How wrong can you be !!

Incidently for 808 :

808 State

Pacific State is still one of the all time best dance chill-out tunes, plucked from a series of albums which were brilliant at the time, but have struggled to stand the test of time.

The ambient techno purveyors - Graham Massey, Darren Partington, Andrew Barker and Martin Price - enjoyed a superb weekly residency on now defunct radio station, Sunset.

Even those unfamiliar with 808 State's music will have heard the theme tune to Terry Christian's former Channel 4 show, The Word, which was among their best known hits.

Chances of a return? Again, 808 State have never really gone away. Their latest release, Outpost Transmissions, is out now.

Comeback rating: 10/10

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Post by PeteZarustica » 20 Sep 2005 20:52

I'm still depressed with "the boys are back in town"

who's been to their concert earlier this year?
Happy Mondays with Stone Roses Cover.....

De Lillie

Shaun Rhyder

Post by De Lillie » 23 Sep 2005 23:48


Guess every few years old Shaun resurfaces. First with Black Grape. And now with a guest lead vocal on a # 1 with Gorillaz. Nah, Happy Mondays shouldn't resurface.

The whole baggy thing, Madchester and even Factory records belongs in the 90s. 'tis the era of Rap 'n R&B.


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