Prodigy : Their Law

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Prodigy : Their Law

Post by Mark »

Went to see the Prodigy last night at Newcastle. They were fantastic, best show I've seen live. They played most of the hits (no Everybody in the place or Girls mind) and some b tracks. All of the early tracks were beefed up massively and the bass was bone shuddering. No Good, Smack My Bitch Up and Spitfire were highlights, strangely enough Firestarter was the weakest track as it seemed dumbed down. There was a massive version of Claustrophobic Sting played which was unbelievably good. Maxim took most of the vocals and even did a bit of mingling with the crowd. Keith was strangely subdued for his usual self.

Bit annoyed that the Audio Bullys who were scheduled for support weren't on, got some irritating punk wannabes instead. That apart a superb evening, second time I've seen them live and thoroughly entertaining.

Just got hearing back in my left ear tonight. Astonishingly loud.

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Post by Pob »

I went to the Manchester gig on 23rd. Audio Bullys were there and they were shite so you didn't miss much.

I agree, that version of Claustrophobic Sting with We Are The Ruffest thrown in was cool. Both Keith and Maxim mingled with the crowd in MCR so maybe he's scared of you Newcastle folk!

They started with Break and Enter and the bass was so intense it took me the entire tune for my head to get sorted and realise what the track was. However, I'm thinking of asking Liam for a new watch because mine stopped working once the bass for Breathe kicked in!!!!!

Smack My Bitch Up, Out Of Space, Voodoo People, Poison were my faves. Oh, and Their Law was great.

You'll be pleased to know that my hearing returned on Friday afternoon.

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Post by TurboManc »

I was at the Manchester Arena too - The Prodge were absolutely awesome!! I have seen them live 4 times now and that night was the best yet. I like all their songs, but I do prefer some of there early stuff, so it was really cool to hear Charly & Out Of Space at the end.

I didn't think that Audio Bully's were that bad, but the crowd didn't help at all, by being really boring, standing still and just waiting for the Prodigy to start. I also felt really sorry for the Backstreet Sluts (and the other warm-up DJ). They played some really good tunes and I was trying to dance and show some appreciation, but again the rest of the crowd remained static (standing still/sitting down on the dance floor). I think that Prodigy have such a diverse following (dance/rock/punk/etc) that it is very difficult for certain bands/DJ's with just one particular style, to really get the crowd going before Prodigy, because they just can't please everyone.... Or maybe people were just conserving energy, because this was to be much needed on such a lively evening.

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