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Jon Hassell

Post by willman85 » 13 Dec 2005 07:30

I am intrigued by this fellow has worked with Brian Eno and has had a remix done by the 808 lads.

Which of his records are recommended? Only his newer ones seem to be available on Amazon, apart from Earthquake Island.


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hassel no hassle

Post by newbuild » 13 Dec 2005 10:06

fourth world volumes one ('possible musics'-the b side is a live performance with eno) and two ('dream theory in malaysia') i would reccomend-'cause they are my favourite of his work...

-he can also be heard on two-tone records never thought i would have posted that on 808 forum!!!

also he played on my favourite eno album 'ambient 4: on land'

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Post by graham » 13 Dec 2005 12:17

I really like Earthquake Island,its a bit more 70s fusion than what comes later but in a goodway,a good set of musicians that include Dom Um Romao and Miroslav Vitous both from the early incarnation of Weather Report,(Mystereous Traveler by Weather Report being one of my fav albums of all time) Jon s signiture trumpet sound is all ready established on this record. To any one who has nt heard him he s got a unique breathy /indian style . This record used to be hard to get ,I think Tomato repressed in the mid 80s Iwas trying to find a copy for years after my cat jumped on my mates copy and I had to replace it,mid 80s i ended up with 3 copies...Covers great as well by Mati Klarwien who did Bitches Brew for Miles Davis and Abraxas for Santana.
Fourth worlds (the pink one) is probably the one to start with,came out round the same time as My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (Byrne and Eno)
Is Jon on that ? hes on Remain in Light from same time period by Talking Heads /Eno..all important records in our gang at the time

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