Yellow Magic Orchestra

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Yellow Magic Orchestra

Postby Pete » 20 Dec 2005 22:04

after all these years i've finally got all their studio albums

(and yes i have the internal remixes album feat 808 remix on HI TECH NO CRIME)

original releases are :


then there's the half a dozen compilations .....

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Postby nickking » 22 Dec 2005 10:21

Ah, but do you have the boxset (Techno Bible) which features the "Graham Massey Long Mix" of "Rydeen"? Good compilation, that one...

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Postby Ancodia » 22 Dec 2005 11:23

Yeah Pete, I bought it a couple of months back, cost somewhere between £150 and £180 after the tax was added. Absolute Mint, sealed etc


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Postby graham » 03 Jan 2006 22:27

anyone got the takahashi remix i did song de poet ,, i really like that
if i do say so my self. (iguarglaphone features heavily)
also the hosono remixes, medecine mix ..laughter meditation
Honeymoon is a great track from the album medecine mix.
Hosono came to the 808 gig at on Air on the gorgeous tour
he appeared on the balcony and the whole audience turned round and bowed (i think some one anounced him,may be soft ballet who were doing a track with us ?)
Afterward he presented some presents , which really was an honour for me
i think they re just as important as kraftwerk in the sceme of things synthesizery

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Re: Yellow Magic Orchestra

Postby karnsculpture » 29 Mar 2014 21:37

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I have to reply.

Graham, yes I have Le Sang Du Poete, its on The Beatniks "Another High Exit" CD, I agree, a great mix. The 808 related mixes of YMO tracks have stood up well over time, compared to a few of the others which are pretty dated now. I'd love a long version of the Ambient Reprise of Light In Darkness, it's simply gorgeous. Technodelic is my favourite album of theirs, still sounds incredibly fresh - Ex:El has some similarities - neither is a straightforward dance album, there's a lot of texture to enjoy but also some pretty hardcore sounds and beats.

I talked to Darren after a gig in Middlesbrough in the 90s and he told me the Hosono story, I was really happy to hear about that. I was lucky to meet YT and HH at their London Sketch Show ICA gig about 10 years ago, they were gents. I'm looking at putting together a compilation of Yuki's songs in English, maybe download only, will see. He's a really underrated songwriter and arranger, Hosono and Sakamoto get more attention in the west which is a shame.

YMO are to me as important as Kraftwerk, but also the next generation that 808 were part of offered something different and lead to where we are now.

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Re: Yellow Magic Orchestra

Postby SPW » 01 Apr 2014 05:35

If you play 1000 Knives at 45 RPM - 8 it sounds like 808 State Album 90 type stuff. :)

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Re: Yellow Magic Orchestra

Postby SPW » 01 Apr 2014 05:45

One problem with YMO's music is their English vocals sounded slurred. I think they were going for Genesis/ Peter Gabriel effect applying a little chorus to the vocals and trying to sound similar. I could be talking out of my arse but that's what it sounds like.

The German accent in Kraftwerk's man machine music translated batter.

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