96 Tears - Reviews compare to IanBrown/PrimalScrm/MssvAttack

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96 Tears - Reviews compare to IanBrown/PrimalScrm/MssvAttack

Post by 96 T » 11 Jan 2006 19:24

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"...96 Tears with 'Keep A Clean Nose', a flanged beat fest drawing
comparisons with the best work of Massive Attack and fusing them
with the solo work of Ian Brown."

"Blending a rock and roll style riff with a drum loop and some
synth, 96 Tears add a static-edged male vocal to an inspirational
track called 'Keep a Clean Nose'. The guitars buzz around like a
trapped fly and a warm woody bass sound subtly adds a constant to
the continual sound changes."

"Some of it’s weird, some of it’s shite, but surprisingly enough a
lot of it is great, particularly the Primal Scream-ish ‘Keep a
Clean Nose’ by 96 Tears..."

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