bomb the bass or baby ford

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bomb the bass or baby ford

Post by newbuild » 11 Aug 2006 01:52

recently i acquired the bomb the bass into the dragon cd, and i was wondering if anyone knows which came first:

into the dragon-or ford trax? both albums are 1988 rhythm king releases, but their catlalogue numbers are non-sequential...

i would assume bomb the bass was first-the 1987 'beat dis' release appearing as a u.s. 7" mix on the album...and i *think* baby ford had no release prior to 1988: the oochy koochy 1-sided "promo" being the first baby ford record...

both great albums-although i prefer ford trax ;)

Cobra Bora
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Post by Cobra Bora » 13 Aug 2006 20:11

I think Beat Dis was the first release.
But album wise, I think Ford Trax was before Into The Dragon.
Fort Trax was AFAIK more like a compilation
A bit later came the first proper album OOO - The World Of Baby Ford which I prefer to the other two.

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Post by Mark » 14 Aug 2006 12:40

I'm almost positive Ford Trax preceeds Into the dragon, they were definately both 1988, but I reckon Baby Ford was first.

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