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Post by Pete » 11 Aug 2002 21:32

also just picked up the Art Of Noise - Into Vision DVD (mainly Debussy Concert with Interview & Rehearsals).

thats 2 DVDs i now have Optibuk & AON, the Orbital DVD next i thinks.

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Post by nickking » 11 Aug 2002 22:57

Erm, do you have a DVD player, yet, Pete? :razz:


Nick :wink:

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Post by Carlos » 12 Aug 2002 16:32

I got the AON DVD also picked up the new FSOL album under the guise if AMORPHOUS ANDRODGYNOUS calles the ISNESS. It's five years in the making and it's thy're first studio album since Dead Cities.

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Post by Rodders » 13 Aug 2002 13:43

is the fsol album any good? is it like their previous stuff?

if u like fsol and orbital i recommend getting the sasha album "airdrawndagger", its nothing like what you expect, ive played it about 30 times so far and the tracks are still growing on me.

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Post by Mark » 13 Aug 2002 20:03

Yeah, I second that Rodders, just got the Sasha album, it is pretty good.

The new FSOL album is supposed to be highly chilled out, I don't know if I'll be buying it, their first effort as Amorphos Androgynous 'Tales of Ephidrena' is a nice album to relax to, but it's not much cop for banging out, but neither are FSOL's own albums particularly.

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Post by Surrealist » 25 Sep 2002 20:13

I just tried that AON forum and the link didn't work - any ideas ?

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Post by Pete » 26 Sep 2002 19:21

i got an email saying that there was a reply to a message i left on the aon forum, when i went to check it out, its offline! will try and contact the webmaster of it

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