Rave Strikes Back !!!

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Cobra Bora
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Rave Strikes Back !!!

Post by Cobra Bora » 21 Jan 2007 15:55

I have just found a German website that is dedicated to the resurrection of Rave!
Since some time it has become a no-no to use this word, at least in Germany.
The creators of the site want to get back the feeling of that time
and want people to be proud again of being a Raver or going to Raves.

A lot of DJs have already joined in.
The site is in German, but the main content is the Top 10 Rave tracks of these DJs.
Of course including a number of 808 State tracks.
Check them out: http://www.rave-strikes-back.de/

What would be your favourite Rave tracks?

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Post by Mark » 27 Jan 2007 00:54

Of course, I can't really say 808 are rave, I suppose Cubik and In Yer Face could be loosely in that category. Have to say Altern8 are my fave rave specialists, Evapor8 - what a tune!

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