808 State on Jo Whiley Radio1...new film soundtrack

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Post by Rich The Donkey Doctor » 20 Aug 2002 10:27

Was in the car to the studio yesterday listening to Jo Whiley on Radio 1, and someone chose 808's Pacific as their 'Kissed the girl' track (or was it 'First Love'??? - can't remember). Anyway 3 minutes of 808 bliss amidst the usual R1 daytime dirge is always a bonus! Jo said at the end, something along the lines of, "I wish every choice (referring to the phone in requests) could be as good as that track!!!!"

Wonder if 808 will do a 'live lounge'/interview on the show when Outpost Transmission finally hits the streets? Miss Whiley seems to be a bit of a fan - I remember Lopez being single of the week back in '96...and she'll no doubt be into the new collaborations....

Another bit of 808 info: I'm currently engineering for Cleveland City Records, and was talking to the label boss yesterday - apparently there's an independent film 'Club Le Monde' which features 5/6 tracks from Cleveland's back catalogue, and Pacific State as the penultimate track. The film (obviously about clubbing!) is to be released in the near future and there's more details here : http://www.screenpro.co.uk/clublemonde/ go to 'Soundtrack'...

Ta raa

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