Repairing vinyl

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Chris the Boy
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Repairing vinyl

Post by Chris the Boy » 25 Apr 2007 21:05

Aloha 808ers

I tried to play my 12" of "In yer face" the other day, and it bounced so badly it practically became drum 'n' bass. Or latterday Autechre. The vinyl isn't visibly scratched or dusty, but the grooves, as any of you who own that one will know, are pretty shallow. I've tried the old see-how-many-2p-pieces-you-can-get-onto-the-back-of-the-needle-casing-before-it-goes-through-the-floor routine, but that had no effect either.

So I'm wondering: do any of you good people have any tips on bringing such things back to life? Or is it beyond help?

Rokkon, CtheB

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Post by markus » 26 Apr 2007 10:57

I find that cleaning the record can help quite a bit. There is special fluid cleaning solution available (search on the web) for cleaning records with. And of course the needle has to be clean too. Good luck!

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