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Post by Guest » 21 Aug 2002 17:58

Hi David here-regular reader and occasional poster(Joeseph Beuys).

I'm on a 3 month vacation covering Toronto,Niagara down to Buffalo and Rochester.

I am accompanied by all of 808 State's albums on my travels.Been a fan since 1993 but I'm listening to all their stuff for the first time in months.

Anyway my point is that I'm playing their stuff to Americans and Canadians-friends and people I meet on the road and the sounds are going down a storm over here.
808's sounds are soundtracks for people's lives.They have created something that is timeless,priceless which plays a large part in accompaning the joys and experiences of my life and others.
Everytime I return to their tunes-I am amazed at the beauty of the sound.Life scores indeed.

As I've said their sound is going down a storm over here.Plan 9 is just beautiful and should be a James Bond score.
Bombadin,Lopez,Bird,Pacific,Azura,Narcossa-I've lost times the number of strangers have asked me "wow-that's cool...who is that ?"

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