Exploting 808 offerings on eBay.

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Post by solarex » 30 Aug 2002 07:40


Just to remind all you collectors.

The last two days have shown an explosion of new listed 808 State items on eBay.

Non of them are mine, but you might find some titles you are looking for.

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Post by markus » 01 Sep 2002 12:40

Amazing, I've never seen so many 808 items on eBay, and some very cheap too! Ex:el 2LP, Japanese Lift CD5, Japanese ex:el CD, Freak Beats LP, Gorgeous 2LP, five copies of Quadrastate LPs, Optibuk at 2.50 (by the way, HMV is still selling it at 9.99), Let yourself Go - to name but a few.

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