Kraftwerk live in September 2002

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Post by Guest » 02 Sep 2002 03:45

Only just realised-f***!

The Gods are playing Luxembourg,Belgium and France(x3) and all are sold out.


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Post by nickking » 02 Sep 2002 12:10

Wish they'd play a date in the UK - the last time they played was at a Festival with Orbital about 4 odd years ago...

Wanted to go and see them in Paris, but tickets were like gold dust... However, if they play there again, count me in!!


Nick :wink:


Post by Guest » 02 Sep 2002 17:07

Yes they played at the Tribal Gathering in May 1997.

Such is their legend that the Detroit tent closed down for their set and the audience in awe consisted of the likes of oakenfold and Orbital-camcorders in hand.
That was their first live performance since 1992.
They have only performed live in Europe since-in Linz and Karlsruhe in 1997,bootlegs of which contain three new tunes(Distant Voices,Lichthof and Nummweltverschmutzung)-all of which are really really good.

Why they didn't perform at Expo 2000 I don't know.

New material on the way with these shows??

This and a new 808 album--times ARE exciting!

One of their Paris shows starts at a minute to midnight(why didn't they perform on the Millenium ?)-which might be a dress rehearsal for New Year's Eve ??

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Kraftwerk new?

Post by Vadertech » 06 Nov 2002 18:22

Wow, great news. I love all of Kraftwerk. But what's the chances of Kraftwerk in the US? Probably very slim indeed!

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