24 Hour Party People DVD release

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24 Hour Party People DVD release

Postby markus » 19 Oct 2002 15:42

24 deleted scenes, let's hope 808 are in one of them...

From http://www.worldinmotion.net/newsroom.htm
Report from Dennis R.:

"24 Hour Party People" Region 2 DVD will carry the catalogue number FACDVD424 out to buy on DVD and VHS on 27th January 2003. "

Below is a list of the extras for "24 Hour Party People" DOUBLE DISC SET:

-Tony Wilson Commentary (audio)
-Steve Coogan and Producer Andrew Eaton Commentary (audio)
-Artists Commentary (Video - commentary was filmed and we will have the film playing in a box on the right hand side) will include Rowetta, Peter Hook, members of Durutti Column and A Certain Ratio sitting in a Manchester bar
-Sleeve Notes - a Who's Who guide to the film
-24 Deleted Scenes
-Interviews with cast and crew
-Michael Winterbottom Documentary
-Central Station artwork designs and commentary
-Peter Saville artwork designs and commentary with Tony Wilson
-New Order Music Video
-Genesis of 24 Hour Party People - featurette
-The Real Tony Wilson - Featurette
-Playing People who are still alive - featurette
-And it's been given a FAC catalogue number: FACDVD424

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Postby markus » 11 Feb 2003 22:54

Well it's out now. Has anyone got it yet and watched the deleted scenes? Any 808 and/or pacific?

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Postby nickking » 12 Feb 2003 01:04

I managed to nab one of the rare HMV versions (unique 'grey' sleeve), but haven't yet had the time to watch it.

As far as I'm aware (from other people who've watched it), no mention of 808 anywhere within the extras...

I'll confirm on Sunday, when I plan to watch them all!


Nick ;)

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Postby 808state's Tartan Army » 12 Feb 2003 20:39

That's seriously bad crack if there's no mention of 808 at all in the whole thing. GRRR! :x :wink:

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