Metallica On Influencing EDM, Skrillex & Playing Europe

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Metallica On Influencing EDM, Skrillex & Playing Europe

Postby SPW » 09 Oct 2013 21:10

I remember David Lee Roth on the radio claim Kraftwerk's track Metal on Metal was influential on heavy metal. Don't know how true that is. Maybe on him. Kraftwerk had a bigger impact in NY in the US I think than the rest of the country. Autobaun was their biggest US hit that most boomers remember. Big stadium rockers like Metallica though don't know any better so more fluff throw out during an interview. EDM became big and they are like, yeah that was us. We did that shit. It's our influence. Beats per minute. We played the drums fast. That's us. Let me get into my limo back to the hotel ready for our next big concert. :D

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