Live gig, Strike Boys & Tribal Futures

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Live gig, Strike Boys & Tribal Futures

Post by Dr.Walsh » 18 Dec 2002 16:41

Big shout out to everyone going to the live show next Sunday. Hope to see you there! :D

Another couple of things: I was looking through loads of old albums and on a compilation album I came across a tune by The Strike Boys called 'The Rhyme', which the sleeve said came from an album called 'Selected Funks' which came out in '98 on Wall Of Sound Recordings. I was suprised to find that it was a funk version of 'The Only Ryhme...', with added funky guitar and just a fraction of Tunes' vocal. Does anybody know anything about this album and whether there is any other 808 related stuff on it? :-?

Also, did anyone else buy the 'Tribal Futures: The Way Ahead' album. I am still listening to the album today. Those who haven't heard it, I recommend you get a copy. It features a top tune called 'Fort Four Fish' by Graham and Colin Seddon (probably some of the most far out, delightful percussion you're likely to hear) and an amazing Leftfield remix of Yothu Yindi's 'Timeless Land' (a full-on tribal techno assault!). It also supports a top charity, Survival International, who support tribal peoples worldwide ( :)

Keep it safe! :wink:

Dr.Walsh :)

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