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Postby Dr.Walsh » 03 Jan 2003 14:05

In case people didn't know there is an event every year called Earthdance.
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The idea of the event is to hold dance parties all around the world, with a Prayer for Peace played at the same time irrespective of location, to develop mass consciousness for peace resonating around the globe at the same time.
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It is held every year in October (first one was in 1997) and is getting more and more popular every year.

For more information on this event & to download the Prayer for Peace track go to:

For spectacular images of the Earthdance Sunrise Peace Flame Ceremony on the summit of Mt. Haleakala (which is 10,000 feet) in Hawai'i go to:

I would love to help organise a high profile Earthdance event for Manchester with 808 if they are up for it.
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Dr.Walsh :D :D

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