Alison Limerick - Coloursfest

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Alison Limerick - Coloursfest

Post by Ancodia » 07 Feb 2003 15:20

Just heard Where Love Lives on local radio and found out there are new mixes coming. Should be quite good but obviously, she wont have the girls in feathers dancing with her like at Coloursfest. Of which I have quite a few photographs, must get around to putting them up on a website. If I look hard enough I might just find a picture of the girls in the rubber Cop uniforms.
John :wink:

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Post by nickking » 07 Feb 2003 15:43

Oh, those pics (the girls in the rubber cops uniforms) have got to be uploaded somewhere! :P

Sweet memories!! 8)


Nick ;)

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Post by 808state's Tartan Army » 07 Feb 2003 20:40

Yeah! Those birds were well tasty :P

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Post by markus » 10 Feb 2003 11:32

Oh, and I'm back.

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