Little Darla vol 20 - Crispy Ambulance Remix

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Little Darla vol 20 - Crispy Ambulance Remix

Post by Ancodia » 31 Mar 2003 11:47

The Little Darla Has a Treat For You series is perhaps the world’s most popular pop compilation series because it’s always young, fresh and cheap. Nothing sounds livelier and no compilation is packed full of more creative juice. Little Darla, the little label that could, unveils her 20th volume, featuring the cream of the Darla family crop. Darla’s variety, vitality, distinctiveness and daring is unparalleled. If you’re a long time customer you’re undoubtedly lusting for the sensations that only she gives you. If you’re a nube, prepare to be turned on beyond your wildest expectations! As with each season’s volume, #20 is just a hint at the satisfaction you get with Darla’s full lenghts. This volume features: AARKTICA – “Out to Sea” (Silber) 4:22 From the CD Pure Tone Audiometry. Brooklyn, NY. ULTRAMARINE – “Saratoga” (Darla) 5:03 From the CD Every Man And Woman Is A Star. Canterbury, UK. CALIFORNIA ORANGES – “The Weather” (Darla) 3:45 Exclusive track. Sacramento, CA. PHOTON BAND – “Outer Space” (Darla) 3:25 From the CD It’s A Lonely Planet. Philadelphia, PA. LOWLIGHTS – “Lowlights” (Darla) 6:32 From the CD Lowlights. Arcata, CA. PALE HORSE AND RIDER – “Jersey Coast Line” (Darla) 3:43 From the CD These Are The New Good Times. Brooklyn, NY. MAQUILADORA – “Revolution” (Darla) 4:07 From the CD What The Day Was Dreaming. San Diego, CA. FREESCHA - "Feelback" (Attack Nine) 3:40 From the CD What Comes Inside Of You. Los Angeles, CA. SWEET TRIP – “Dsco” (Darla) 3:14 Exclusive track. San Francisco, CA. MOMUS – “Lovely Tree” (American Patchwork) 3:22 From the CD Oscar Tennis Champion. Paris, France. (THE REAL) TUESDAY WELD Featuring PINKIE MACLURE – “One More Chance" alternate version. (Dreamy) 4:12 Exclusive Track. London, UK. CATH CARROLL – “The Divine Ms. A” (LTM) 3:49 From the CD Gonoliers Of Ghost Lake. Chicago, IL. BLUE ORCHIDS – “Lover Of Nothing” (LTM) 2:34 From the CD Sleeper. Manchester, UK. MINNY POPS – “Lights” (LTM) 3:30 From the CD Sparks. Manchester, UK. MIAOW – “When It All Comes Down” (LTM) 3:30 From the CD When It All Comes Down. London, UK. DEPARTMENT S – “Going Left Right” (LTM) 3:06 From the CD Sub-Stance. London, UK. THE WAKE – “Town Of 85 Lights” demo version (Darla/LTM) 5:32 Exclusive track. UK. CRISPY AMBULANCE – “Step Up” Graham Massey remix (Darla) 6:25 Exclusive track. Manchester, UK.

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Post by nickking » 22 Apr 2003 17:56

Found this on LTM's website (

"Hot News!! Crispy Ambulance have been booked to play a prestigious show at the ICA in London on May 29th 2003. Also on the bill will be the original line-up of the Biting Tongues, and there is even a vague threat of a DJ set from LTM operatives under the name Shadowplayers. The Cripies will begin recording a new studio album for Darla/LTM in the summer. We are hopeful that advance copies of our Biting Tongues retrospective After The Click will be available at the gig, as well as copies of the new LTM compilation Black Music, which comes with a free Crispies live CD Atlantic Crossing recorded in Manchester and New York late last year."

Also, this is the website for the Crispy Ambulance/Biting Tongues gig -

I've now ordered my ticket...


Nick ;)

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