Recommended listening - 'Destinations Du Monde': Manchester

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Recommended listening - 'Destinations Du Monde': Manchester

Postby Dr.Walsh » 10 Apr 2003 16:58

The latest in the Destinations Du Monde series is Manchester.

It came out in the UK on Monday.

The best way to describe the Destinations Du Monde series is it is it's what is playing by the swimming pool the day after a Global Underground party - ie full of lush house grooves, sweet vocals, future jazz, etc.

If you want to check out what is happening in the funky grooves area of the Manchester underground then check this out!

On the inlay they put a load of interesting facts about the destination they are covering. The annual rainfall average caught my eye - apparently Manchester receives, on average, 809 mm a year of rain.

This therefore means that Manchester must have had a few years at least with exactly 808 mm of rain falling on the city!

Peacechester dance on!

Dr.Walsh :D :) :P :wink: :D :) :P :wink:

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