The Cosmic Twins & Deep Dish @ Sankeys in last two days!

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The Cosmic Twins & Deep Dish @ Sankeys in last two days!

Post by Dr.Walsh » 19 Apr 2003 10:22

Hi all,

Writing this spangled in Manchester at 9am, still wandering round lost after an AMAZING night at Sankey's. :)

THE COSMIC TWINS (DERRICK MAY & FRANCOISE K) played for 4 hours back to back - techno heaven for the Sankey's massive. :D

In my opinion, anyone who gets a chance to see these two perform as the Cosmic Twins should, they are mind-blowing! :wink:

They played Tribal Sessions which is normally a tribal/deep house/breaks night, and had the Sankeys massive going right off! Way after the curfew they still managed to slip a cheeky 'Energy Flash' to really end the night off in style. :wink:

Then Francoise got on the mic, gushing (Oscars-style!) about how much they love Manchester and all the love they get here, etc. :P

On Thursday night caught Deep Dish here which was sound an'all, on a progressive tip. They finished the night with a cheeky house tune that had a looped Eminem vocal of 'Nobody listens to techno anymore' over it which had everyone losing it! :D

Anyone in the area beware! The clubbing and parties in Manchester just keep going from strength to strength! :)

Sound As A Euro!

Peacechester Dance On!

A slightly frazzled 'Dr.' Walsh :wink:

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Post by Twocer » 28 Apr 2003 06:29

Get in!

Glad to see Sankey's is still rocking. There was an equally excellent night there about 8 years ago - Warp records party with LFO & Autechre live - it was the launch night of Bugged Out! at Sankey's. Maaarvellous it was. Could've sworn I saw Mr Massey and the Hartnoll brothers wandering about, but then I'm not a reliable witness.


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