Manchester ever more vibrant in a house nation-stylee!

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Manchester ever more vibrant in a house nation-stylee!

Post by Dr.Walsh » 09 May 2003 12:01

Had a brilliant long weekend in Manchester last weekend in a house nation stylee. :D

Friday night: Stazi live (featuring Rowetta and my mate Owen) - Daft Punk meet The Mondays and go on a flower power and swimming trunks northern soul bender with Jarvis Cocker, John The Postman and The Blues Brothers! Well worth checking out if you're in the area!

Then DJ Rolando @ Tribal Sessions @ Sankey's (and a massive 'Knights Of The Jaguar' encore).

Then the long walk home (made all the more beautiful by being well mashed! note: sun-rise over the canal=Ibiza of the North!) :D

Sunday: Street Festival @ Salford Docklands - an amazing day, house nation style. Kids, parents, grandparents, black, white, Asian people, African dancers, Asian dancers, samba dancers, bhangra bands, graffiti art, hip hoppers, a street carnival and fireworks, all put on for free! :D

The best band of the day for me was a group called Shivanova. They were 2 blokes on wind instruments, 2 Asian women singing, a geeza on the tablas and 2 blokes with lap-tops. They managed to merge classical, jazz, house and bhangra beautifully. :D
Check em out at:

Didn't manage to get a ticket for Heaton Park, but who needs Judge Jules, Badly Lost Boy and a load of guitar shite when you've got the Salford Street Festival? :D

Monday night I went to a party put on by a group of Chinese promoters and DJ's - 200+ people (mainly Chinese) of all ages going off to cheesy trance. :D

A top of the house nation pops weekend! :D

Peace and love,

student 'Dr.' Walsh :D

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Post by markus » 09 May 2003 12:30

Probably Rowetta knows what Martin Price is up to, or she could find out

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