name that tune for me, please!

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name that tune for me, please!

Post by Dr.Walsh » 13 May 2003 16:52

Hi all,

Was listening through some old tapes the other day and came across an amazing tune. :)

It has a male singing the verses and a female doing the 'Love Revolution' chorus, plus some 'tribal' chants. I think it may be called 'Love Revolution' but don't know who it's by. :-?

The lyrics are:

Young revolutionaries, 10,000 strong,
Hanging on the radio, the destination known,
Hanging on the telephone before they hit the road,
All come together, all letting go...

10,000 people committing no crime,
All come together cos this is the time,
Others have been, they've had their day,
This is the love revolution, we're dancing away,

Love Revolution...
Love Revolution...

This is the heaven that we've been waiting for,
Vibrations and love for one and all,
Everyone together, no violence, no crime,
Paradise found - dropping a good time...

Top lyrics innit? :)

Anyone know what it is or who it is by?

A place on the guest list at my next party for anyone who can tell me!

Two places on the guest list for anyone who's got a copy or knows where I can get one!

Peace and positive vibes,

student 'Dr.' Walsh :D

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