24 Hours party people party

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24 Hours party people party

Post by markus » 17 May 2003 22:06

Last weekend I attended a party celebrating the opening of 24 Hours Party People in Amsterdam. First DJ set with mainly 80s sounds from the Smiths etc. Then a very good live band covering Joy Division / New Order etc. After that it was back to DJing, and as the night progressed, it got more and more dancey, Madchester style. At one point I approached the DJ and asked him if he had any 808 State in his programme. Before I could finish my words, he was already wildly nodding. Don't know if my 'Acid House heroes' t-shirt gave me away. Anyway, three tracks later and the intro of IN YER FACE was pumping through the speakers. Needless to say I went mental, and dare I say, the crowd too. Excellent night, and the mixture of tunes (different styles, old & new) was something I hadn't heard since those wonderful days at the beginning of the 90s. For a few hours I felt as though I was transformed back to the Boardwalk or the Hac - marvellous...

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'24 Hour Party People' Jon Carter Acid Vocal re-mix

Post by Dr.Walsh » 22 Jun 2003 15:30

Hi Markus,

I don't know if you knew but there is a Jon Carter Acid Vocal re-mix of The Happy Mondays' '24 Hour Party People', which was released last year. :)

Has anyone else on the board heard it? If you haven't yet, you are probably in for a treat when you do! :)

Peace, butterflies and positive vibes,

'Dr.' Walsh :)

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