DJ magazine free mix CD - check it out!

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DJ magazine free mix CD - check it out!

Post by Dr.Walsh » 11 Jun 2003 10:34

Hi all,

I can thoroughly recommend the World Series mix CD that comes free with this months DJ magazine. It has been mixed by a good friend of mine from Australia called Phil K.

The mix illustrates the amazing breaks that are coming out of Australia at the moment and also what a genius Phil K is.

I have had the pleasure of having Phil K play at several parties that I have helped put on in Australia. If you listen to the CD you may see what I mean.

One of the standout tracks on the mix is track 3 called 'Summer Breeze'.
I call this the 'Pacific' of Australia - it is completely beautiful, gorgeous, ground-breaking and timeless. :D

Phil is also a salesman for Pioneer and uses loads of efx units in his sets - we have sometimes had to have a van pick him up from the airport just to transport all his efx units! :D

Phil played at the same festival in Singapore as Andy and Darren in 2001 and was amazing them with his trickery on the efx, etc!

So, if you want to get bang up to date with some of the best current breakbeats in the world check this CD out! :D

peace and positive vibes,

'student Dr.' Walsh :D

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