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808 fans - DJ & Producers etc

Postby Ancodia » 28 Jun 2003 14:44

Of all the people who visit this site, Who are producers, DJs, Engineers or otherwise? (Graham, Andy & Darren - You have no need to answer!)

I work with a few local groups, record some of my own stuff and DJ. And I know Pete drops some tunes, but what about the rest of ya?

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Postby 808state's Tartan Army » 28 Jun 2003 16:07

I used to do a bit of DJ'ing 2/3 years ago at the pub in the days when we did discos and bands. 808 was played as often as possible. If there were a lot of people in who remembered the good old days then it was good, but if the youngsters were in then it was hopeless, they didn't have a clue. All they wanted was Shania f***ing Twain! Pacific got played every week though, regardless. I'd sometimes put Ex:El on and let it run through In Yer Face, Cubik and Lambrusco Cowboy as well. Shit, I even remember playing Timebomb once! My mate would come along with his Shamen stuff and we would hammer them with that and Orbital as well. This pissed up bird wouldn't leave me alone until I'd played The Saint once. :D
These days though, I'm just a listener. 8)
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Postby Supraset » 01 Jul 2003 06:45

I write!! I'd like to hear people's stuff from the board... I have heard fan mixes... do we post our stuff there too? Some of them did not sound like mixes of 808 songs.
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808 related

Postby Ancodia » 01 Jul 2003 08:24

If you have any mixes that are 808 related, contact Markus and see about getting them uploaded. Otherwise, just link to them in a post and we can check them out.
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Postby nvkid808 » 08 Jul 2003 08:16

just started. got meself a yamaha su200 sampler & roland mc303. basic stuff really, just playin around at the mo,but gettin some gud results. have to say these guys inspire me! doin abit of 4/4 stuff trance & techno with sum weird fx.
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Postby SteveC » 08 Jul 2003 16:34

The music of 808 actually inspired me to buy my own DJ gear in order to solely play their material in pubs/clubs. Off I went to the great Ducie Street, home of the 808 offices at the time, and home of the DJ supplies.

Armed with 2 Technics turntables, Gemini mixer and Denon twin CD decks, I practised continously creating some great 808 mixes.

As for the name, how about DJSTATE I thought. Andy, from the shop, even said he might be able to arrange a meeting with the guys to talk about getting exclusive promos to play, SHIT, I thought, actually being able to meet my techno idols, can't wait.

So, I wrote to them at Ducie House and the reply from FEEDBACK........"Not to use the name DJSTATE and no promos would be provided and if I used the name or associated myself in any way with the band I would be open to litigation", so my dream over I tried in vain to be motivated by other genres, one mix on local radio later, I hung up my headphones and to this day they lie dormant in my bedroom, a reminder of the hobby that once was.

To show no hard feelings, the guys did send me a signed Bombadin CD, so it was worth the effort.
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