the further house nation adventures of 'dr.' walsh...

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the further house nation adventures of 'dr.' walsh...

Post by Dr.Walsh » 24 Jul 2003 00:12

hi all,

just thought i'd give you an update on what is happening in the house nation in a northern stylee...

saw gerald recently in london - we had both been not let in fabric by some not very nice bouncers (cos we were too late apparently). he was having a night out in london (it was the diesel u-music awards @ fabric), inbetween playing in japan and ibiza. he is playing a half hour live acid show @ the tribal warehouse next month and has a new single coming out in september... :)

next night i saw ian brown @ fabric (they let me in this time), he sang over a james lavelle set, waving a 'peacechester dance on' sign as a massive screen behind declared 'ape shall not kill ape'. there was a very acid house, anything goes vibe about the night - when i arrived jarvis cocker from pulp was dj'ing playing some top acid house and later on 'moody' dark breaks geezer meat katie was playing donna summer 'i feel love' and slams' 'positive education' to an 'avin' it right off loads of people on the stage crowd! :)

ian brown was looking really healthy and happy, bouncing around the stage and grinning all the time (unlike most of his press shots!) :)

went to blackpool last weekend to see sasha but sasha didn't turn up due to the strikes @ heathrow, but i had a top night in the 'ibiza of the north (ISH)' anyway!!! :)

just found out recently that tony wilson is starting up a new record label in the autumn. 3rd time lucky is what people are saying - he still has loads of respect in Manchester and a massive pool of talent to choose from, plus he is unlikely to give all his money to the mondays to go to the carribean again, and his profile is now a lot bigger due to the '24 hour party people' movie. :)

it is sankey's 9th birthday tomorrow night (friday) and francois k is headlining. :)

and if you are in oldham next weekend you can see jon da silva for £3.00... :)

oh yeah, and i am co-organising a party for earthdance - the global festival for peace, which is on 20th september 2003. the party is going to be in cambridge and features 2 of the best dj's i have seen (but i am a bit biased!) :) []

anyone who would like details i'll post them here...

does anyone else feel like this is all a bit acid 'ouse? :)

peace, love and positive vibes,

'dr.' walsh :)

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