suddenly strange noises started coming from my computer...

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suddenly strange noises started coming from my computer...

Post by TheDarkPills » 24 Jul 2003 21:22

I think the difference between programming music and playing music is that; programming music is almost completely dependant on the programmers taste in music, whereas playing an instrument is also dependant on taste in music but almost as dependant upon the mechanical skill in which music can be produced. This is why manually played instruments will never lose popularity. Even though they by themselves are severely limited in the frequencies and harmonics they can produce, the degree of improvisation allowed is incomparable. The instrument player?s mouth and hands serve as direct outlets of emotions and thoughts providing a less refined but closer connection between the listener and the composer. Though as manual instruments have their strengths so does programming music. You are allowed an immense range of possibilities with programming, working with sounds that a plucking, striking or blowing motion simply could not reproduce. This alienation of sound from reality allows for more dreamy and profound music, music that reaches beyond the scope of our everyday imaginations.

I hope with this in mind you will allow me 30 minutes of your life and listen to my first attempts at breaking away from the world of manual instruments and into a new area of music fore me and I also hope that you will help me on my journey in any way you can.

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Post by Supraset » 02 Aug 2003 03:36

I've listened to this a bit over a bad connection. I will dl the mp3 when I am connected to a faster network.

Why don't you tell us a little more of your background. You use to record with real instruments? And now you are getting into electronic music? Who are your influences?

From what I have heard this sounds pretty dated as far as production and sounds used. Your melody progressions are too elementary and were not thought out very well. Though with that said I could totally picture it playing in a club back in 1991 or 1992. This is not bad for a first production... keep at it.

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