Chemical Bros program is on their web-site aswell... :)

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Chemical Bros program is on their web-site aswell... :)

Post by Dr.Walsh » 10 Oct 2003 08:10

It's quite an interesting program - there's The Chemical Brothers talking about their 10 years of making music, and various aspects around this.

Various alternative types talk about the influence The Chemical Brothers have had on them, and on dance and rock music, Naked Under Leather and Heavenly Social nights, and a little bit about Manchester back in the day. :)

Included is Justin Robertson who offers a lot of insight into The Chems :), Beth Orton talking about being The Chemical Sister :), Bernard Sumner talking about being blown away the first time he saw The Chemical Brothers live :), Fatboy Slim talking about repeatedly bashing his head on the roof of the Heavenly Social whilst pogoing and not even realising it :), Noel Gallagher saying that he feels that The Chemical Brothers collaboration he did is one of the best things he's done :), Richard Ashcroft talking about the times he's performed live with The Chemical Brothers :), Tim Burgess talking about the collaboration he did on 'Life Is Sweet', the guy from The Flaming Lips talking about 'The Golden Path' :), and fairly frequent references to the use of amyl nitrate at their parties. :)

The only incorrect thing I could find though was they kept mentioning that The Chemical Brothers were the first dance act to use breakbeats and guest vocalists, when 808 State were doing both of these things when The Chemical Brothers were still cramming for their mid-term exams at Manchester Uni!

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