12 tunes that sum up 2003 for me! :)

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12 tunes that sum up 2003 for me! :)

Post by Dr.Walsh » 24 Dec 2003 15:43

808 State 'Pacific'

Andy and Darren Spinmasters midnight tune at Elemental on NYE/NYD 02/03!!! Also, saw it being played live at the In The City roadblock!!! :)

Shut Up And Dance featuring DJ Hype 'Reclaim The Streets'

It's been a massive year all over the world for people power taking to the streets to protest dodgy governments and policies, and standing up for their rights, and activism is only going to get bigger and bigger...

Playgroup 'Make It Happen'

imho, one of the best tunes from Jockey Sluts' inconsistent but occasionally brilliant 'Disco Pogo For Punks In Pumps' series

Radiohead 'Everything In It's Right Place'

The Hybrid re-mix of this was being played by Hybrid themselves when Rowetta introduced me to A Guy Called Gerald in London at World DJ Day! And then James Lavelle played his version of it just before Ian Brown took to the stage at Fabric in the summer, just after Jarvis Cocker from Pulp had been dj'ing an acid house set!!!! :)

Shivanova 'Sundance'

Saw this brilliant live act made up of Indian female singers, saxophonists, tabla players and two geezas with laptops at a street festival in Salford in the summer... :) www.shivanova.com

Homelife 'Flying Wonders'

A butterfly anthem and reminds me of yet another great Manchester festival - the Respect Festival. As Graham Massey played his saxophone, a double rainbow appeared above the stage!!! :)

New Order 'Vietnam'

For obvious reasons. I think New Order knew what they were doing when they recorded this tune for the 'Hope' cd. 'The harder they come the harder they fall' is a particularly good lyric from the original.

Wally Lopez 'Tribute To Acid House'

A perfect tune and a perfectly named tune! This tune was one of the big tunes of the night at Earthdance, and it has coincided nicely with an acid house revival in many places - more and more warehouse parties, more and more underground parties, Tribal Warehouse, Acid House reborn Jon Carter mix cd, first Megadog for ages, downsizing of the operations of most big club brands (in the uk at least...) :)

Coldplay 'God put a smile upon your face'

I'm not a big fan of Coldplays' music but their politics are pretty cool and this has a nice melody. It was a big tune at Earthdance when dj Stu Bradley cheekily dropped it at the end of his set... :)

Yoko Ono 'Give Peace A Chance' (new version)/
'I See Rainbows'

The song 'Give Peace A Chance' was given a new lease of life this year, with the global anti-war movement getting stronger and stronger. I also bought loads of her older stuff and was intrigued by some of it. One particularly cool tune was 'I See Rainbows' which reminds me of the Mumstock Festival and I would love to hear re-mixed. There could be a chance of this as Yoko Ono has had stuff remixed by the likes of Danny Tenaglia recently... ;)

Beatles 'With A Little Help From My Friends'

I have had an amazing year with some amazing mates! Thank you to all my family and friends for a brilliant year. :)

Rowetta and Rainbow Sound-system 'Mumstock'

A couple of weeks ago I did a party for my mums' 60th birthday called 'The Mumstock Festival'. I wanted to write a theme tune for it, so re-wrote the lyrics to Joni Mitchells' 'Woodstock' to give them a more contemporary vibe. I passed the lyrics onto Rowetta who used to sing with The Happy Mondays who got into it and learnt the tune really quickly. At the same time, a friend of ours, dj Fez had been doing some re-edits of the Unkle instrumental 'Eye For An Eye' at Spirit Studios. Ro heard it and decided it would go with the lyrics and so the tune 'Mumstock' was born at the Mumstock Festival, performed under the banner the Rainbow Sound-system...

Thanks to Ro for getting into and learning this tune so quickly, and Fez for his genius 'Eye For An Eye' edit! Nice one sister and brother! :)

Has anyone else got some tunes that particularly remind them of 2003 and why? I'd love to hear them...

Keep it safe and peace, love and positive vibes for the time period known as 2004! :)

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