The Cocteau Twins

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The Cocteau Twins

Postby SkiFamily91 » 18 Mar 2004 14:38

highly random topic.....i just wondered what anyone else here thought of this band........

I discovered them a couple of months ago when i heard the track "Lazy Calm" on the Fragile State compilation "Just Got Home". That blew me away, a feeling ive never experienced since hearing Pacific state some 6/7 years ago. I was so impressed that i went out and bought their greatest hits collection a few days later. And again, i was thoroughly impressed. Since then ive acquired 5 more albums by the band. They are currently the band i spend the most time listening to.
This is unique because ive never come to admire a band who are away from being blatantly electronic, as a rule of thumb ive generally hated bands who use a lot of guitar, but the Cocteau's seem to make the perfect sound, and as for the vocalist....just stunning. And i thought Bjork was good! - in fact she's mediochre in comparison.

And their website.....possibly the only band site on the web which outclasses ""....

Random topic ends........


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